Carnival Cruise Line Ordered To Pay $10 Million In Damages After Crew Member Sexually Assaulted Passenger
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Carnival Cruise Line Ordered To Pay $10 Million In Damages After Crew Member Sexually Assaulted Passenger

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 1, 2022

A jury in federal court found that Carnival Cruise Line owes at least $10 million in damages to a woman who claimed a crew member sexually assaulted her.

The verdict determined that Carnival is liable for the damages and harm inflicted by then-employee Freddy Anggara.

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Carnival is ordered to pay $243,000 of the victim’s past and future medical and psychological expenses. The cruise line will also have to pay $10 million in damages for physical and emotional distress.

“It’s my understanding it is the largest verdict ever for a sexual assault victim against a major cruise line,” Daniel Courtney told the Washington Post. Courtney is the attorney for the victim, identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit.

Carnival, however, denies the allegations in the lawsuit and plans to appeal the jury’s decision.

“The crew member admitted that he had a consensual sexual encounter with the guest, which is consistent with an investigation by the FBI that concluded the encounter was consensual,” Carnival said in a statement.

Details Surrounding The Case

The incident occurred on the Carnival Miracle ship on Dec. 1, 2018. The victim was 21 years old at the time, and according to the lawsuit, it was her first cruise.

Anggaara was allegedly waiting for the plaintiff as she walked up a flight of stairs by herself before locking her in a maintenance closet and raping her.

Afterward, the victim went to her room to tell a friend what had happened. The lawsuit says the plaintiff was “hyperventilating” and “having panic attacks” as she told the friend what happened.

While Anggara suggests the encounter was consensual, her attorney, Courtney, said his claims are false.

“To say that it’s consensual is really hurtful to her,” he stated, adding that his client was “heavily intoxicated” and “concussed” during the alleged rape after hitting the back of her head from a fall.

The woman submitted a rape kit, and ship security and FBI agents proceeded to interview her. The incident falls under federal jurisdiction, according to general maritime law.

According to the lawsuit, Carnival is liable for the sexual assault for failing to “monitor dark public areas” where women could be vulnerable to assaults.

Carnival, who plans to appeal the decision, fired Anggara. The company has a zero-tolerance policy of crew members fraternizing with guests.

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