British Royal Family Employee Resigns After Grilling Black Guest About Her Origins
Photo Credit: Photo by Sun Shin

Photo Credit: Photo by Sun Shin

British Royal Family Employee Resigns After Grilling Black Guest About Her Origins

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Nov 30, 2022

This isn’t the first time the British royals have been part of some kind of racially-fueled scandal. And it won’t be the last.

Just ask Meghan Markle, who spilled the tea in an explosive interview with Oprah in 2021. The racism of Britain’s royal family was the chief reason why Markle and Prince Harry decided to pull away from them and take up residence in California.

The Los Angeles Times reported “an honorary member of the Buckingham Palace household has resigned after repeatedly asking a Black woman who runs a charity for survivors of domestic abuse what country she really came from, despite the woman’s insistence she was a British citizen.”

It’s a tale that rings familiar for many people of color.

Who Was The Royal Household Member?

According to the BBC, “the royal household member was Lady Susan Hussey.”

When Elizabeth II was Queen, Hussey served as her lady in waiting.

She’s also the godmother of Prince William, now next in line to the throne.

Hussey’s awkward interaction with a Black woman named Ngozi Fulani, resulted in her resignation.

Where Did This Incident Take Place?

Camilla, now Queen consort, was hosting an event focused on domestic violence.

Ngozi Fulani is the founder of Sistah Space. This London-based organization “provides support for women of African and Caribbean heritage.”

Fulani shared the incident on Twitter. 

Hussey allegedly moved Fulani’s hair out of the way to read her name badge. She then went on to question her “real” nationality.

When Fulani explained she was from East London, Hussey continued to press her, as though she couldn’t fathom that reality.

Some Questioned Whether Hussey Was Being Racist

The majority of people who responded on Twitter expressed shock, anger and solidarity with Fulani.

But a few wondered whether Hussey, due to advanced age, might not have realized the racism of her actions.

Helena SZ (@NommeDeTwit) wrote, “culturally British people usually love to talk about themselves, about where they hail from, who their parents are. We try to establish connections however briefly, similarly we love to know about other people’s backgrounds. Being curious is now a crime?”

Alexandra (@alexandrachasy) suggested that nobody should be shocked.

“It’s a racist institution,” she wrote. “The late queen worked hard to be exempt from employing black people. They have NO SPACE for POC. It’s sad how black people keep making excuses for these vile people. Meghan spoke up and many black Brits dismissed her.”

Black People Are Familiar With Fulani's Experience

Having our presence questioned isn’t new to us.

It’s a microaggression that rears its head everywhere, from certain neighborhoods to sites of employment.

Sometimes, the scrutiny comes in the form of incessant questioning. Other times, it manifests as touching us without consent.

Even if the motive stems from curiosity, these actions are dehumanizing.




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