A mystery person has been pooping in sinks in the women’s bathroom at British Airways’ Global Learning Academy. According to Daily Star, management has requested that employees with information that might lead to the assailant come forth.

Located at Heathrow Airport, the academy serves as the training hub for the airline’s pilots and other crew members. However, in addition to the hundreds of staff that pass through each week, Technical Block C, where it is located, is also accessible by numerous contractors and third-party workers.

In an email sent to colleagues, a British Airways senior staff member said: “Unfortunately in the past couple of weeks we have had two incidents of users having defecated in hand wash basins within the TBC 9th floor ladies NE toilets (I will spare you the images.)”

“Clearly this behaviour is unacceptable and not something our cleaning teams should have to deal with as they go about their duties. Each incident has caused a full closure of the toilet facility and a costly full sanitary clean before re-opening.”

“We have also noticed needless damage caused to other parts of the building, which causes delays to running our business and costs to rectify. As these incidents are considered to be intentional damage, a Security Incident Report (SIR) has been raised and the incidents will be investigated fully.”

“Please can I ask that those involved in this activity immediately stop and, if required, speak to their line manager for support. If you should see any behaviour that is unusual or out of the ordinary, please let me know, or use normal reporting channels available.”

The culprit carried out the indecent act again after the email was sent.

“We always expect the highest standards and we’re investigating,” said a spokesperson for the airline.

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