The Brick Burger pop up restaurant is moving across the country this fall. Locals and travelers can make their LEGO food dreams a reality at this unique event happening in locations across the United States. The pop up will be in St. Louis on Sept. 16, according to a release from event organizers. 

Presented by online event marketplace Hidden, Brick Burgers takes food shaped like nostalgic LEGO blocks to create the ultimate dining experience. Guests are invited to get creative and create their own burger masterpiece from a collection of colorful bricks and shapes. 

“Brick Burger has created a dining experience that truly reflects that,” the company spokesperson said in a news release. “Let your inner child run wild as you devour the burger of your dreams, surrounded by the colorful and creative world of bricks.”

The Brick Burger menu is eclectic and fun. There’s a variety of choice options, including juicy beef burgers, chicken patties and veggie options. Event organizers describe the menu items as having the “freshest and highest quality ingredients.” The ingredients combine together for an impactful flavor and taste. 

Brick Burger

Diners will be able to enjoy their meals in a bright, expansive brick world. The pop up features LEGO-themed furniture, brick walls and family-friendly play. Add in burgers on LEGO-shaped buns, and kids and parents are both in for a treat. The pop up also will showcase competitive brick building competitions. 

Coming to a City Near You

Tickets for the immersive dining experience are on sale now for $47. The pop up restaurant isn’t the first food spot inspired by a love for LEGOs. In 2016, Jegs Correa opened the Brick Burgers restaurant in the Philippines. Another LEGO-inspired restaurant, travelers flocked from all over for the ultimate brick experience. 

For travelers not heading to St. Louis, the Brick Burger pop up is going to other locations in the fall. The pop up also will be heading to Los Angeles, Denver, Boston, New York, Austin, San Diego, Columbus, Cleveland, San Francisco, and Indianapolis.