Travelers can now book their vacations using only voice commands with this brand-new, artificial intelligence-powered app. That’s right, you can give your fingers a break as they won’t need to tap or scroll at all!

How it works:

Created by Iceland-based travel tech company Travelshift, users can use Google Assistant or Alexa to search and browse vacations with its Guide to Europe program. After finding the desired hotels and flights, they can be added to a shopping cart and paid for using voice commands.

According to the Daily Mail, the innovative app also provides a customized and personalized guide and itinerary prior to your trip. It finds the best attractions and things to do in the destination you’ll be visiting and puts together itineraries complete with directions on how to get there.

Launched last month

The app launched last month. David Stewart, CEO of Travelshift said it could be a game-changer for the travel industry.

“There have been rapid advances in AI technology in the past decade and we are now at a stage where we can trust it to make recommendations and book a holiday. Things have moved beyond simply asking Alexa or Google Assistant to play a song or set an alarm. The technology exists for it to essentially act as a travel agent.

“It might seem alien to people at first but then so did paying contactlessly. That is second nature now. Labor-saving devices like this – however small – are incredibly popular precisely because they are so effective and easy to use. Responses are instantaneous and the app uses AI to recommend everything from the best travel routes and hotels to the best restaurants.”

Bookings across Europe

The app is currently able to book over 12,000 European vacation packages with AI-optimized itineraries.

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Travelshift’s app is the first of its kind. Though there was an AI-friendly travel app released in 2017 by Virgin, it only worked with Alexa and only allowed users to search for vacations. They were not able to book them through the app.

Offering many more options and possibilities, and making the booking process easier, Stewart said that Travelshift’s app “vastly outstrips” the Virgin endeavor.

“The most important part of a successful trip is the itinerary,” Stewart said. “That’s where we spent most of our time to optimize. By providing the perfect itinerary we not only make it easier for people to book, but to also enjoy a better holiday experience.”

Want to try it yourself?

The app is available for download on the Guide to Europe website. Users can then add the app to their home screen and add their passport details.

If you will be traveling with others, you can add their information and book flights and hotel accommodations for them through the app. You can also customize and tailor your experience by adding your travel preferences.

Stewart said he believes the app represents what the “future of travel” may look like as more and more people discover the ease and convenience of being able to book their trips in this manner.

“Years ago people booked holidays through travel agents in person. Then in the 1980s package holidays were the go-to option before the internet allowed you to do it all yourself,” said Stewart.

“All this was enabled by technology and this is the next step in that. After the pandemic there has been a huge appetite to travel and people are always looking for easy, accessible ways to do that. This app allows them to do that and also gives invaluable advice that helps people make the most out of their trips. What is not to love?”

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