Black Woman Says Delta Air Lines Denied Job Application Until She Applied As A White Woman
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Black Woman Says Delta Air Lines Denied Job Application Until She Applied As A White Woman

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 22, 2022

A Black woman says she applied to work as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines but failed to make it through the first stage. That happened over five years until she says she checked the “white” box on the application.

“Applying to Delta for a flight attendant role for 5 years & get denied. Apply as a white woman finally received a 2nd interview email,” Regina De’Chabert said on TikTok.

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Since posting the video, which now has tens of thousands of likes, some TikTok users have come to her defense in follow-up videos she posted.

One commenter stated, “sis, I agree with you. I’ve been in management for years. I’ve been made to hire Becky with less experience, less qualified, with more pay.”

Other users, however, are criticizing the video and commenting that it could be the young woman’s experience.

“Definitely not your skin color. It’s you since your LinkedIn says that you are an esthetician, and an entertainer, and ZERO airline.”

Another TikTok user asked, “did anything than your race change with your submissions?”

“I made it to the F2F with Delta and CJO with another legacy, and I am a Black woman. Let’s not reach,” one user commented.

De’Chabert responded to the criticism by congratulating the Black women who have gotten callbacks and jobs, adding, “Just because you got the job doesn’t negate my experience.”

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In a statement, a spokesperson for Delta told The Independent“Delta does not tolerate discrimination in any form in all aspects of our business, and these allegations run counter to our deeply-held values of respecting and honoring diversity.”

Travel Noire has reached out to Delta Air Lines for additional comment on this matter. This story is developing.

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