Edson Lázaro is a Black realtor in Lisbon, Portugal, a rarety for the country. As more people consider moving abroad, he works to make sure the move is seamless and easier.

“I’m not surprised. Portugal is a safe place, one of the safest in the world. Buying and investing here is a great option because it tends to be cheaper for many expats leaving the United States and the United Kingdom,” he told Travel Noire.

So, what are expats asking about when planning a move abroad? He says he gets a lot of questions about the social environment, including racism, questions about safety, as well as the quality of life.

However, Lázaro adds that the cost of living is a controversial topic because many residents don’t believe it’s a cheaper place to live. He says his goal is to not only make finding a home abroad a seamless process but he also works to educate people about the impact of gentrification.

Lázaro says one of the biggest mistakes expats make is that expats try and do everything in the process alone and he warns that’s when you call fall victim to scams.

“Portugal is becoming a popular destination for expats and unfortunately, more people are wanting to take advantage of people. Many times, expats don’t understand that so, it’s likely the deal will not go through.”

Another common mistake? Expats have an idea of where they want to buy from videos they see on YouTube.

“When people come with a vision from videos or pictures they see on social media, that’s a good start, but remember, that means you’re limiting yourself to an expat or touristy community. That will get old after a while, and you will end up bored and frustrated,” he said. “Come to Portugal with an open mind and just know that realtors have your best interest.”

You can get in contact with Lázaro by email here.