Thinking about making the move abroad? If affordability is high on your “must-haves” list, then consider these beautiful destinations where single expats can live for under $800 per month.

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According to Nomad List, the cost of living for a single, long-term expat in Buenos Aires is around $500 per month. Moving with a family? You can expect to pay around $900 per month in this popular Latin American city. These numbers assume you are seeking a middle-class lifestyle and prefer to live in the city center or surrounding suburbs for a family.

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The capital city of the island Penang, George Town is one of the most popular spots in Malaysia.  Though most people travel for short-term vacations, there is also a growing expat population that is drawn to the island’s stunning beauty and affordability. An expat living long-term can expect to pay around $750 per month, while a family of four will pay around $1,700 for a middle-class lifestyle.

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Medellín has grown tremendously in popularity over the last half decade. Not only does the city offer a vibrant mix of old and new, breathtaking landscapes, and an active nightlife scene, it is also an extremely affordable option for expats. A single expat will pay around $700 per month for a middle-class lifestyle in the center of the city. A family of four seeking a quieter lifestyle, can settle into the surrounding suburbs for around $1,800 per month.

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The most affordable option on this list comes in the form of an island paradise. Bali seems to be everyone’s dream getaway, but for those bold enough to make the move, you can call this Indonesian island home for around $400 per month as a single expat. A family of four can live an equally affordable existence at around $900 per month.

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$700 per month is all you need as a single expat to live comfortably in Quito, Ecuador. A family of four can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in this ancient Incan city located on the lower slopes of the volcano Pichincha for around $1,600 each month. Both situations assume a middle-class lifestyle allowing those who are open to living in simpler accommodations to pay even less.