Wenisha “Wenny” Jones is an accountant, travel blogger, and owner of the Lime Vibe Travel Agency. The 34-year-old was born in Guyana and currently resides in Washington, DC.

Wenny loves travel, whether she’s curating vacations for others or exploring the world herself. As a Guyanese woman, she considers the Caribbean her playground and has visited almost every Caribbean country.

“I adore the Caribbean for its beautiful weather, beaches, peaceful vibes, music, and of course the amazing food,” she told Travel Noire. “I appreciate not being in a rush. Rest and relaxation are heavily encouraged and come easily in the Caribbean.”

Photo courtesy of Wenisha Jones.

Some of Wenny’s favorite islands are Barbados, Curacao, Trinidad, and Jamaica, which, although similar in many ways, also each have their own unique identities and things that set them apart.

“I love Barbados for the beautiful beaches, serene island ambience, and Bajan soca music. I love the Dutch Caribbean vibes, colorful scenery, and calmness of Curacao. I love Trinidad for its Carnival, flavorful food, and music. I love Jamaica for the amazing reggae vibes, jerk flavors, and the history of the island.”

“In the islands, you have the option to chill or to turn up based upon your personality and what you want out of your trip. I think this is one of the reasons many Black Americans feel so comfortable in the Caribbean.”

Photo courtesy of Wenisha Jones.

Another reason for this comfort, Wenny says, is the inherent connection they feel to other Black nations.

“Black people from all over can appreciate and relate to Black Caribbean history and culture. We should all know about things like the Haitian Revolution, activism of Marcus Garvey, and philosophy of Bob Marley.” 

“It’s eye opening to see the economic and living situations of your fellow people and how they differ from your own. It can be humbling and inspiring.” 

Wenny admits, however, that out of all the Caribbean nations, she is biased and partial to her home country of Guyana. Despite being located in South America, Guyana is more Caribbean-cultured than its Spain-influenced continent.

Photo courtesy of Wenisha Jones.

“I’m extremely proud to be Guyanese. Guyana is a former British colony that has transformed into democracy led by a Black president. My country is known for its beautiful tropical rain forests, diverse blend of cultures, and Kaieteur Falls. It is the home of El Dorado rum and amazing foods like pepper pot, chow mein, and cookup rice. Oh, and did I mention Carnival?” 

In addition to Guyana, Wenny has participated in the Carnivals of Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, and Cuba, and has created some of the best memories of her life experiencing these unforgettable events.

“Carnival is a utopia of fun with beautiful people, vibrant costumes, bands, music, dancing, and food. It’s full of energy, peace, and good vibes.”

Photo courtesy of Wenisha Jones.

Wenny recommends that everyone experience Carnival at least once in their life, and explore as many Caribbean islands as they can.

She enjoys curating vacations to the islands and beyond, and helping people find inspiration, rejuvenation, and happiness through travel. Wenny invites all travel lovers to contact her company Lime Vibe Travel any time they desire assistance or recommendations. You can also follow @lime_vibe_travel and @wennpooh on Instagram.