Black-Owned Wines and Spirits You Can Get Delivered From Around The World
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Black-Owned Wines and Spirits You Can Get Delivered From Around The World

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 8, 2020

The stay-at-home orders from states have industries getting creative. That’s good news for those of missing out on our favorite activities such as brunch, traveling, visiting an art museum, and wine tasting.

Speaking of wine, who said the wine tasting has to stop?

Here are some Black-owned wine and spirits from around the world that you can get delivered in alphabetical order:

Abbey Creek Vineyard in Oregon

Located in Oregon, the first official Abbey Creek Vineyard label was released back in 2008 and named after the creek that flows throughout the 50-acre property.

The 10 acres of vineyards consist mostly of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer with a recent addition of Gamay Noir and Albarino.

Shop for the wine online here.

Erongo Mountain Winery In Namibia

Situated along the Omaruru River and surrounded by the beautifully rugged mountains of the Erongo region,  Erongo Mountain Winery is changing the game for the Namibian wine industry.

From Cabernet Sauvignon,  Shiraz, Chardonnay, and more, there are a variety of wines to choose from. 

Here’s how to inquire about the collection.

Marie Césaire Champagne In France

Marie Césaire Champagne started in December 2015 by brother and sister Marie-Inés and Jaïro Romelle.

Originally from the West Indies, Marie-Inés and Jaïro Romelle were so passionately interested in wines that they wanted to launch into the huge adventure of champagne making in homage to their parents, their mother Marie and their late father Césaire, thus creating the Marie Césaire champagne brand. 

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Rivulet® Artisan Pecan Liqueur  in Kentucky

Rivulet begins with the finest slow-distilled brandy, gently aged to perfection in small oak casks, resulting in a spirit that some say is smoother than silk. Their brandy is distilled and aged using the same time-honored methods and traditions that have been passed down for generations.

Sounds good?  Order online here  

Silk Bush Mountain Vineyards in South Africa

Silkbush Mountain Vineyards hails its name from the Sybasberg (Afrikaans for Silkbush Mountain), one of the highest peaks above their vineyards.

Sybasberg by its turn gets its name from the Sybasboom (Silkbush) that grows in isolated corners of our mountain. The Silkbush leaves, when torn, produce silky threads of latex – hence its name.

Here’s where to purchase the wine

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