dies and offers a variety of choices when it comes to choosing a place to eat. The Black-owned restaurants in Austin are spread throughout the city. However, each one remains consistent in feeding the community and inspiring through culinary mastery. Here are 10 Black-owned restaurants in Austin where you can feed your hunger for community and good food.

Bigg Belly BBQ Company

Bigg Belly BBQ Company is a food truck in Austin that grills everything your heart desires. The Black-owned restaurant serves a variety of smoked meats in many forms. You can get a quesadilla stuffed with barbecued chicken, a sauce-smothered rib sandwich, and brisket falling off the bone. Bigg Belly’s is a family favorite that keeps people coming back for more.  

man barbecuing
Photo credit: Luis Quintero/Pexels
  • Location: North Austin  
  • Type of Cuisine: Barbecue  
  • Menu Spotlight: Bigg Belly Banger  
  • Before You Go: Bigg Belly also offers food in large family-size portions if you’re feeding a bunch of folks while in Austin.

Hoover’s Cooking

The manifestation of a homegrown son of Austin, Hoover’s Cooking is a melting pot of Texas culture and flavor. The owner grew up in the neighborhood and believes in continuing to uplift his community. Their food brings people together in harmony, and they work with local proprietors and farmers to give guests an authentic farm-to-table experience. 

  • Location: East Austin  
  • Type of Cuisine: Southern  
  • Menu Spotlight: Chicken Fried Steak  
  • Before You Go: Owner Hoover Alexander is a local Austinite who has been serving food to the community for over 20 years.

Bird Bird Biscuit

According to the restaurant owners, Bird Bird Biscuit all began with a biscuit and a dream. Brian Batch and Ryan McElroy met while working in a cafe in 2008. Years later, their friendship remains intact as they run Bird Bird Biscuit alongside one another. The pair spent two years perfecting the recipes for the menu and have some of the best homemade biscuits in Austin.

  • Location: Multiple locations  
  • Type of Cuisine: Breakfast  
  • Menu Spotlight: Queen Beak  
  • Before You Go: In 2022, Bird Bird Biscuit was number five on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat list.


At TaterQue, savory barbecue and crispy tots are in a tasty tango. The Black-owned Austin restaurant is owned by couple Bobby and Bobbi Mack. Both born and raised in Austin, the pair wanted a space where Bobby could return to his joy of bringing people together with good food. Now, there is a crew of happy spudsters all over the city waiting to dive into another plate from this Austin eatery.

  • Location: Pflugerville  
  • Type of Cuisine: Barbecue  
  • Menu Spotlight: Tater Keg  
  • Before You Go: The inspiration for TaterQue was born while owner Bobby was sitting at his union-wielding job wishing there was a place he could grab a “loaded stuffed potato with all the fixings.”

Community Vegan

For vegan comfort food that’s good for the soul, Community Vegan is the place to go in Austin. The restaurant strives to spread awareness and education about plant-based food and healthy nutrition to everyone. The community it is located in mainly has low-income residents with limited access to healthier food options. Community Vegan hopes to change that one meal at a time.

  • Location: East Austin  
  • Type of Cuisine: Vegan  
  • Menu Spotlight: “I Used to Eat Fish” Filet Sandwich  
  • Before You Go: Community Vegan remains true to its name by staying community-driven at all times. The restaurant provides healthy plant-based options through community outreach at schools and colleges, as well as providing the unhoused community with meals.

The Potluck

The Potluck is a Cajun eatery in Austin with two locations. Locals say they have the best wings in Austin, and you don’t want to miss their red beans and rice. Their food is full of flavor and brings your favorite Creole spices straight to the Texas city.

fried chicken wings
Photo credit: Pixabay/Pexels
  • Location: Multiple locations  
  • Type of Cuisine: Cajun  
  • Menu Spotlight: Gumbo  
  • Before You Go: The Potluck is Austin’s first and only 24-hour eatery, so feel free to stop by for a late-night snack.

Gigi’s Cupcake Bee Cave

You probably thought you’d never see giant, hardy former NFL players whipping up cupcakes in the heart of Texas. But that’s exactly what’s going down at Gigi’s Cupcake Bee Cave. Known online as The Cupcake Guys, the bakery was founded by former NFL players Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo. After teaming up with their long-term friend Bryan Hynson, they scored the ultimate touchdown in the kitchen.

  • Location: Bee Cave  
  • Type of Cuisine: Bakery  
  • Menu Spotlight: Lemon Berry Cupcake  
  • Before You Go: The legacy of The Cupcake Guys began in Nashville, where Griffin and Orakpo both played for the Tennessee Titans.

Sipps On Wheels  

Millennial and Gen-Z foodies can’t get enough of Austin’s Sipps On Wheels. The Black-owned food truck is the originator of the stuffed catfish and has a variety of menu options to choose from. They sell out often, and guests can pull up to the truck to grab whatever their stomachs desire.

  • Location: Austin  
  • Type of Cuisine: Fish, Tacos, and More  
  • Menu Spotlight: Stuffed Catfish  
  • Before You Go: Sipps On Wheels is constantly moving around Austin, so stay tuned to their social media pages to find out where they’ll be serving food.

Austin’s Very Own Saltt

Seafood restaurant Austin’s Very Own Saltt is bringing people together with food. The owners believe that food has power, and that culture and flavor are healing. They fulfill this vision by committing to quality ingredients and ensuring authenticity and passion shine through every bite. A phenomenal dining experience down to the last morsel, Saltt truly is Austin’s best choice for fried seafood favorites.

  • Location: Austin  
  • Type of Cuisine: Seafood  
  • Menu Spotlight: Shrimp Fried Rice  
  • Before You Go: Austin’s Very Own Saltt is inspired by the amazing seafood found at Bruce’s Seafood restaurant in Port Arthur.

Tony’s Jamaican Food

You’ll find all your Caribbean food favorites at Tony’s Jamaican Food. The restaurant sticks to traditional flavors and ingredients while adding its unique flair. It’s an excellent place for a quick bite or to grab food to go.

  • Location: Pflugerville  
  • Type of Cuisine: Caribbean  
  • Menu Spotlight: Brown Stew Chicken  
  • Before You Go: Tony’s has a great lunch special with all your favorite Jamaican delicacies at a reasonable price.

Every year, Austin continues to showcase why it’s one of the greatest food cities in the U.S. Black-owned restaurants in Austin are a vital part of its culinary landscape, offering a little bit of everything to nibble on when in town.