Handbags are for many occasions. You can carry one to a party, a dinner with friends, among other things. They are also a great accessory when traveling. Supporting a Black-owned brand makes the deal even sweeter.

We’ve compiled a list of handbag companies that will surely add style to your next trip and, while promoting talented Black-owned designers worldwide.

1. Peryton

Created by Gina Love while she was working as a lawyer in New York, Peryton was initially launched as a made-to-order brand.

Love states that Peryton explores ‘the tension between hard and soft, function and fantasy, classic and unexpected.’

2. Petit Kouraj

Founded by Nasrin Jean-Baptiste in 2018, Petit Kouraj was inspired by her Haitian roots to create a sophisticated handbag collection with a socially conscious agenda.

“I want more brands to feel encouraged and confident to produce in [places] like Haiti, especially countries that experience trauma, as these are the people that need it the most,” The Brooklyn-based designer told Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “It’s important to facilitate a more diverse landscape for manufacturing.”



3. Cise

Cise is a Black-owned Los Angeles based clothing line that works to create apparel that gives a voice to those in society who are typically ignored.

“Our very first initiative was the Protect Black People line” says Blake Van Putten on the company’s website.

The brand was founded in 2010, and it has received  acclaim within the fashion industry over the past years.


4. Telfar

Founded by Telfar Clemens, Telfar is s one of the hottest handbag brands in the world, and has been seen on A-list celebs such as Beyoncé, Lil Nas X, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Selena Gomes and more.

From the very early days of the brand’s launch, the collections were genderless and unisex.

5. Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood is an American fashion designer, and the CEO and founder of Brandon Blackwood New York, a fashion company that specializes in handbags and accessories.

He launched his first four-piece collection of leather handbags in 2015, and gained widespread attention. Since the launch, the brand has experimented with a variety of styles. His handbags are considered affordable, by luxury standards.