Raven Strode, the visionary behind Blacklanta, encourages you to turn to her online directory of Black-owned businesses. Founded in 2019, Blacklanta is a beacon for those looking to support the city’s thriving Black business community.

“Atlanta is a vibrant hub for all things Black, with a myriad of Black-owned enterprises,” noted Strode. The directory showcases a diverse array of businesses, neatly categorized into sections like dining, beauty, healthcare, education, travel, and more.

Travel Noire has chosen a few businesses for you to check out on your Atlanta getaway.

Nubiance Salon & Spa

Nubiance Salon & Spa
Photo credit: Nubiance Salon & Spa

Located within Cheshire Square, in the neighborhood of Buckhead, Nubiance Salon & Spa offers a haven of style and relaxation. Their team of friendly and skilled stylists is committed to delivering cutting-edge hair and beauty services in a tranquil environment. Nubiance offerings cater to a spectrum of preferences. Embracing the diversity of hair textures, they provide services such as a natural hair silk press, precision cuts, and styles for both short and long hair. Explore their range of specialties, including keratin smoothing treatments, lock grooming, starting, and interlocking. For those special occasions, inquire about the salon’s wedding packages to elevate your bridal experience.

Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

people at Metro Atlanta Urban Farm
Photo credit: Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Metro Atlanta Urban Farm is on a mission to make high-quality, affordable produce accessible to all. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture is reflected in their certified naturally grown produce. The farm not only grows crops but also nurtures self-sufficiency by imparting gardening and agricultural skills to families. Community lies at the heart of their vision, inspiring their efforts to provide fresh, pesticide-free produce and promote health education. In the heart of College Park, the facility invites visitors to join the movement and cultivate a healthier future.

Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room

Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room
Photo credit: Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room

Back in 2012, a fresh concept emerged in the world of wine rooms. This distinct space exudes the warmth of a cozy, eclectic den, inviting patrons to savor their favorite vino as if they were relaxing in the company of their closest friends. The innovative approach expanded to include a retail wine shop, boasting an exclusive assortment of wines from small vineyards. This evolution culminated in the birth of The Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room in 2016. Now, under one roof, the opportunity beckons to sip and shop.

Proprietor Steffini Bethea has skillfully crafted a haven at The Purple Corkscrew that mirrors the warmth of her own home. Alongside her dedicated team, every wine that graces the shop’s shelves is meticulously tasted and selected. Beyond merely procuring a bottle or flight, Steffini’s ethos centers on delivering unparalleled customer service and a wine experience that lures patrons back for more, day after day.

For Keeps Books

people at a bookstore
Photo credit: For Keeps Books

For Keeps Bookstore isn’t just a destination for acquiring rare and timeless Black literature. Created by Rosa Duffy, this special space transcends the conventional bookstore experience. Functioning as a dynamic reading room, it invites visitors to engage with a history frequently overshadowed or relegated to the discount bins of other establishments. Its distinct blend of books is available for purchase along with an assortment meant exclusively for in-shop perusal.

Good Boys Treats

doggie treats
Photo credit: Good Boys Treats

Good Boys Treats is crafted for dog enthusiasts, where your pup comes first. As passionate advocates of canine well-being, the establishment specializes in crafting CBD-infused treats. These treats aim to alleviate your furry friend’s anxieties, ultimately fostering a sense of ease and comfort. Now, caring dog parents can ensure the optimal health and happiness of their cherished companions.

The Wellness Sanctuary

massage table
Photo credit: The Wellness Sanctuary

Owner Tiana Allen is the embodiment of the modern age’s wellness-preneur archetype and the driving force behind The Wellness Sanctuary, Inc. Allen’s multi-dimensional expertise spans the domains of wellness, education, business, and social justice.

A luminary in her own right, Allen holds a tapestry of degrees and experiences. Allen is certified in Lymphedema Therapy, a specialized field where she shines in the management of lymphatic disease. Her compassionate touch extends to her role as a wellness practitioner, offering solace and healing to expectant mothers. The Wellness Sanctuary is also a haven for domestic abuse survivors and those who have confronted the challenges of cancer. Central to her ethos is the ardent desire to empower others with the tools to embrace self-love.