There’s more to Airbnb than simply booking accommodations for your next vacation.  You can also book experiences that you will take you off the beaten path to fully take in your destination like a true local. From cooking, dancing, and learning how to make jewelry, here are some black-owned Airbnb experiences you can book for your next trip.


Jewelry making with a local designer

Cincinnati-based host Alishia has a fashion line and paintings showcased throughout the city.  She combines her years of sewing and painting to offer guests a chance to make wearable art. (Wine is also included).


Discover the art in urban farming

Urban Creators is a grassroots organization based in Philadelphia. Farmers work to transform neglected landscapes into safe-spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation. Through this Airbnb experience, you will take a tour of the urban farm, learn the history of the space, and even have the chance to get your hands dirty by taking part in daily farm maintenance.


Photo| Philly Urban Creators



Take Polaroids on Prince St.

Guests can experience a one-hour vintage style Polaroid tour around Soho’s rustic New York streets with Harlem native and Polaroid photographer, Jean Andre.


Become a DJ for a day

Grammy-winning music producer Burt Blackarach offers an experience where you can be a DJ for a Day.” The experience takes places at his private recording studio. You will learn the basics of DJing, including handling vinyl, transitioning songs, scratching and more.


Go on a Black-owned happy hour bar hop

Airbnb Host Kinglsey says he’s a “born and raised Detroiter who’s passionate about supporting black owned businesses.” He will take you on a black-owned bar hop through Motor City.


Learn Nola’s legendary Bounce Dancing

This experience starts off with a meet and greet with New Orleans-based host Mika in the French Quarters for power daiquiri shots.  You will then head to Bounce Fitness, founded by Moe Joe, to learn the city’s legendary Bounce Dance.

Photo| Moe Joe’s Bounce Fitness


Stay low key in Miami

Miami-based host Carmen prides herself on knowing the best places in Miami to socialize.  This experience will allow you to avoid the tourist traps on South Beach.


Learn the art of hat-making

After years of working in the fashion industry and under the tutelage expert hatters, this New York-based host founded B.M Franklin & Co. Here you will peek inside the life of a hat-maker and you will have the opportunity to purchase a custom hat at the end.

Photo| B.M. Franklin & Co.