We’ve seen the numbers. Black travelers spend billions upon billions of dollars on travel each year. Yet, even in the year 2020, we still aren’t seeing it reflected in the marketing and branding of travel companies.

With the world’s eyes on Black content creators everywhere right now, a group of 14 travel influencers recently decided to form an alliance to bring more awareness to the lack of diversity in travel.

The Black Travel Alliance was collectively started by Martinique Lewis, Tomiko Harvey, Lauren Gay, Monet Hambrick, Jeff Jenkins, Kerwin McKenzie, Ursula Barzey, Gabby Beckford, Donna-Kay Delahaye, Roshida Dowe, Colby Holiday, Leslie and Martina Johnson, Dr. Nadeen White, Davida Wulff-Vanderpuije, and Xavier.

These Black travelers, all of diverse traveling backgrounds, want companies and brands to see that we travel too and we don’t all travel the same way.


“The Black Travel Alliance was created because we are tired of working ten times harder for a seat at the table,” Martinique Lewis said in a statement. “Now we made our own. Our goal is to be the largest directory of Black travel creators, so we never have to go through middlemen and agencies to get equal opportunities again.”

Travel entrepreneur Xavier wants the travel industry to finally reflect the world that it represents. He feels that it must be a group effort from Black travel influencers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and anyone else with a platform to speak out and show we are not seeing a true representation of all travelers.

“To have a community and support system like the Black Travel Alliance is overdue and necessary, influencer Gabby Beckford said. “If more young, Black creators knew that they could have mentorship, community, and skills to advocate for themselves, the next generation of Black creators can have as equitable of a shot at success, accurate representation, and fair pay as any other race in the space.”

To learn more about this new alliance or to join, you can visit the website: www.blacktravelalliance.com.