Meet The Black Man Who Speaks More Than 20 Languages (VIDEO)
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Instagram| @laoshu505000

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Instagram| @laoshu505000

Meet The Black Man Who Speaks More Than 20 Languages (VIDEO)

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 15, 2019

Some people know Moses McCormick as the man who walks up to strangers before engaging in dance as a way to help him practice his foreign language skills.

But others, in fact, more than 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel Laoshu505000, know him as the guy who has gone viral for his ability to speak more than 20 languages.

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His videos have garnered more than 43 million views, and in most of them, McCormick is speaking everything but English.  Instead, he’s conversing in Mandarin, Spanish, Cantonese, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Twi, Arabic, and many other languages. 

“It’s like a drug, like dopamine, for me,” McCormick said in an interview with Quartz. “When I walk up to someone and speak to them, they get really excited—that’s just a couple phrases—but something about that first encounter, that’s really addictive.”

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The Ohio-native majored in Chinese at Ohio State University where he nearly tested out of all of his required Chinese classes due to his own learning and study from high school.  

In total,  Moses has studied, read, and spoken over 50 languages, and confidently speaks more than a dozen. He studies and reaches an intermediate level in four new languages per year.

Moses’ love for languages, combined with his abilities, is what inspired him to help others learn a foreign language rapidly through his company the FLR Method.

“Learning a foreign language opens up the door to you getting to know more people and expanding your social network,” McCormick stated on the FLR Method website. “If you are studying a language such as Spanish, Portuguese, or Chinese that is spoken by a large percentage of the population, you will be literally potentially tapping into a communication network with hundreds of millions of people that were previously off limits to you. If you are studying a less popular language, just think how much more valuable you will be since there are fewer foreign speakers of it.”

Instagram| @laoshu505000

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