Chef LaToya Larking, the owner of Not Enough Thyme, has created a version of the tamale that’s mixed with a little soul.

A tamale is a traditional Meso-American dish made of masa or dough, steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. The wrapping can either be discarded before eating or used as a plate.

What started as a passion for having fun and being creative has become so popular in Houston that she launched Black Girl Tamales in the community.


Some of Chef Larkin’s signature tamales on the menu include an oxtail tamale that includes wine-braised oxtail beef shanks cooked down in roasted caramelized vegetables, a smothered pork chop tamale with slow-cooked tender seasoned collard greens filled with smoked turkey, a red beans and rice tamale, and more.


Chef LaToya Larkin, CCE, MBA currently serves as the Program Coordinator of the Culinary Arts Program at Spring High School. She has been recognized as the first African American Female Chef in the district.

She received her MBA (Nonprofit Management) from Springfield College, BS (Culinary Management) from The Art Institute of Atlanta, and AAS (Culinary Arts) from The Art Institute of Houston.