Black Broads Abroad: The Podcast Helping Black Women Live Their Best Life Overseas
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Phelena Jean | Founder, Black Broads Abroad Podcast

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Phelena Jean | Founder, Black Broads Abroad Podcast

Black Broads Abroad: The Podcast Helping Black Women Live Their Best Life Overseas

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Feb 22, 2021

Phelena Jean is a woman of many trades. She is a retired international educator and entrepreneur with global experience that spans many industries, including beauty, media, and real estate and more.

The south central Los Angeles native is adding another title to her name as the creator of the podcast Black Broads Abroad. After going through a painful divorce, Jean quit her job and began her international adventure in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. 

“I was in a relationship that turned abusive, where my partner tried to kill me,” Jean to Travel Noire in an interview. “My savings was dry AF, and I was back in the United States, broke. Some years prior, I had bought a place in Johannesburg, South Africa that I kept on Airbnb and always had in the back of my mind; if I needed it, I would never have to be homeless. I left the relationship and the ‘Divided States’ and moved to my tiny little studio apartment and got my s**t together.”

She didn’t know anyone when she moved but since then, has gone on to live on four continents traveling to more than 40 countries in between.

With her background in media, Jean decided to use her experience for healing out of a dark place. She launched the Black Broads Abroad podcast and platform to spotlight the real-life narratives of compelling Black women that have left what Jean calls “The Divided States” to embark on a thriving life abroad.

“It’s having conversations with my homegirls and other Black women that I know who have embarked upon this expat journey, with just as compelling stories that happened to restore and revitalize me in many ways,” Jean added.

The podcast features Black women from Iceland to Istanbul, Vietnam to Vicenza, Madagascar and Mogadishu, Kuwait, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and a host of other countries.

“My overall goal for Black Broads Abroad is to build a platform and community of Black women from every walk of life, to challenge themselves to live outside of their comfort zones,” said Jean. “Though becoming an expat is not for everybody, there are those who are completely over living in the Divided States, continually being a part of a rat race and on the receiving end of insipid racism at every turn. It can be tiring and unhealthy. I want to provide a blueprint for living your best life outside of the confines of 50 states. There can be life and life more abundantly for those that dare to take the leap, whether it’s long term or forever, or even a sabbatical.”

Now residing in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jean is focusing her passions on inspiring other Black women, to take the leap and live their best lives outside the United States.

She offers additional services for aspiring Black female expats through private coaching, books, and courses.

She also is launching a book, titled, “GTFO of America Blueprint” and online courses of the same name that will feature country-specific expat guides.

For more info, visit the website:


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