Taking time for self-care is often marketed more towards women than men. While there are endless self-care retreats, conferences, and events for women, men sometimes are forgotten about when it comes to taking care of themselves first. However, even though there might not be as many resources available, more dads are choosing to prioritize rest. 

Instead of waiting on the next self-care experience, Black dads are creating travel moments that cater to their personal needs. Dads are traveling to destinations with amenities and activities that leave them feeling better than when they arrived. Here are a few destinations where Black dads should travel for premium relaxation based on their hobbies and interests.

men meditating
Photo credit: Edmond Dantès

For The Gaming Dad – Las Vegas 

If gambling and gaming are at the top of your list, there’s no better place to visit than Las Vegas. The city never sleeps and there’s always something to do on the Strip. From incredible live shows and all-your-can-eat dining experiences to world-class gaming experiences, Vegas has it all. 

Las Vegas is the place for dads who like a bit of turn-up mixed in with their self-care. There are over thirty casinos along the Vegas Strip and even more in the surrounding areas. This is the perfect place for Black dads who want to win big on the slots and the tables. Sin City is also home to some amazing spas including the Waldorf Astoria and Canyon Ranch so dads can unwind after a night at the casino.

For The Self-Care Dad – Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree is a very spiritual destination on the West Coast. The city is ideal for self-care retreats so self-care-crazed dads should head out to Cali. Joshua Tree is in the middle of the desert. The vast, open terrain is tranquil and relaxing. This is the perfect place for Black dads seeking solitude in a less-crowded yet still stunning destination. The area is peaceful and harmonious and there are many energy vortexes in the area, making it great for meditation and mindfulness practices. 

For The Adventurous Dad – Moab, Utah

For Black fathers seeking adrenaline-racing fun, there’s no better place than Moab. The Utah city is a hub for adventure and a Western playground for adventurous dads. There’s a little bit of everything for adventurers of every level in Moab. Travelers can explore national parks like Arches National Park and Canyonlands. There are plenty of campgrounds for outdoor adventures and RV parking. Dads can enjoy horseback riding, ATV rides, extreme hiking, and more. 

For The Partying Dad – Miami, FL

While some dads seek out adventure and self-care when it’s time to relax, others are ready to party. Nightlife in Miami is popping all year long so the partying dads should head to the Floridian city for fun and sun. There are over 100 clubs and lounges in downtown Miami. Beyond the nightlife, Miami is a beautiful place and dads can chill beachside before heading out for a night on the town. 

For The Nerdy Dad – Athens, Greece

There are plenty of destinations with an abundance of relics from the past. However, there aren’t many places as majestic as Greece. For dads looking to tap into their nerdy side, Athens is a great place to visit. There are a ton of archeological sites throughout the city. Travelers can explore places like the Temple of Zeus, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and more. There are thousands of years worth of history to explore in Athens making it the perfect place for history-loving dads who want to explore and learn.