Best Things To Do In Fez, Morocco
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Best Things To Do In Fez, Morocco

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Travel Noire Feb 14, 2019

If you are planning a visit to Fez, Morocco you will not lack for things to do. As one of the oldest cities in the world, you’ll have plenty to explore. This city is rich in history and culture, making it a wonderful vacation destination.

Old City of Fez

The old district of Fez is a medieval maze of small, winding streets, with many leading to dead ends so be sure to find a map of the city before venturing out. Although it is fun to explore the city on foot, you will want to bring along taxi money so that you can take a cab to another part of the city once you tire. If you have never traveled to the area it may be a good idea to explore via a guided tour so that you can learn about local history without fear of getting lost.

Tazzeka National Park

Taza was founded the fifth century and was once a fortress that guarded the route leading west. Old Town sits above the modern section and consists of cereal markets, jewelry, and carpets. Within the Mosque is a beautiful bronze chandelier, which is illuminated by 514 oil lamps.

Not far from town, you will find the Friouato Caverns, a haven for cave explorers. These caverns are like a fairyland of stalactites and stalagmites. Taza is where you can begin your adventure into Tazzeka National Park where you will discover a vast forest of cork oaks and cedars.

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music

Each year, Fes becomes the center for a ten-day festival that brings together musicians from around the world. The Festival of World Sacred Music is the largest festival of its kind, consisting of a series of concerts. You can see everything from Sufi dancers from Turkey to musicians from India. Many of the festival’s biggest events are held in the large plaza, Bab Boujloud and are free.

Jnan Sbil

These lush gardens are a great place to escape the Morrocon heat. Jnan Sbil is more than a century old, though the gardens have gone through massive replanting and renovation. The shady trails are a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Spend some time cooling off around the grand fountains or lounge beside the lake.

Ibn Danan Synagogue

This gorgeous 17th-century synagogue was restored to its previous glory with the aid of Unesco. Although it is technically not open to visitors, you could ask the guardian to invite you inside and show you around. Some of the features include a mikva ritual bath in the basement. The original 17th-century torah scrolls are kept in a wooden cupboard.

Talaa Kebira Market

Located inside Bab Bou Jeloud, this market is easy to get to and a favorite of tourists. Here, you will find animal heads, live chickens, as well as street-food stalls and camel meat vendors.

Fez Jewish Cemetery

If you visit the Jewish Quarter you will also have the opportunity to view the white tombs of the Jewish Cemetery. Here you will find the tomb of Rabbi Vidal Hasserfaty, who died in 1600. Although very old, the cemetery is still in use, which means it has guardians.

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