The Best Attractions In The US For Sports Fans To Visit
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Pixabay

The Best Attractions In The US For Sports Fans To Visit

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Sep 25, 2023

In the fabric of America, sports have woven themselves into the very essence of our cities, shaping their identities through college and professional leagues. Sports tourism has surged, with events like the Super Bowl injecting millions of dollars into the chosen city each year.

While attending a major sporting event is an electrifying experience, the nation also boasts many attractions tailored to sports aficionados. From hallowed stadiums to immersive museums, these destinations beckon all who revel in the thrill of the game.

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum – Cooperstown, New York

Step into the heart of America’s beloved pastime at this nonprofit institution, an emblematic tribute to baseball’s enduring legacy. Located in Cooperstown, it stands as a sacred sanctuary, welcoming visitors to partake in the enchantment of America’s favorite game. Immerse yourself in the Hall of Fame’s exhibits, including the Plaque Gallery, where bronze plaques immortalize 340 Hall of Famers. With over 60,000 square feet of exhibit space, the museum boasts a treasure trove of baseball history. Shoebox Treasures traces the evolution of baseball cards. The interactive odyssey of Whole New Ballgame reimagines the history of the sport from 1970 to the present day.

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum – Baltimore, Maryland

Delve into the world of the Bambino and explore the fascinating Champions exhibit. This captivating showcase features the 1983 World Series and Super Bowl V trophies, alongside precious memorabilia from other iconic teams. Visitors can safely embark on tours every Friday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For an even more personalized experience, consider reserving a private tour for your group or family. 

Kentucky Derby Museum – Louisville, Kentucky

The Kentucky Derby Museum is a true gem among the region’s top attractions. The museum pays homage to the rich tapestry of tradition, history, hospitality, and pride encapsulating the globally acclaimed Kentucky Derby. With open arms, the museum graciously welcomes more than 240,000 visitors annually.

California Surf Museum – Oceanside, California

Established in 1986, the California Surf Museum (CSM) is a pioneer among surfing museums. The sports attraction is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage of this iconic sport. With a commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of surfing’s legacy, CSM offers a dynamic array of rotating exhibits. Beyond its exhibitions, the museum hosts a calendar filled with engaging events. For those eager to take home surf culture, the Museum Store boasts a curated selection of local and unique items.

Boise State’s Blue Turf – Boise, Idaho

In the scorching summer of ’86, an audacious idea took root at Boise State, courtesy of Athletic Director Gene Bleymaeir. It was a groundbreaking move – installing the country’s first non-green, artificial football field. Outsiders dubbed it “Smurf Turf” in jest, likening it to the lovable, azure-hued cartoon characters. This bold venture would soon become an indelible symbol of Boise State’s football program. However, make no mistake–opposing teams don’t view this field of blue with the same affection. As the 2018 season drew to a close, Boise State football proudly boasted a staggering home record of 182 wins. In the same year, the team only had 39 losses. Since THE BLUE’s inception in 1986, the Boise State team has been crowned by 14 Conference Championships.

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