Touring Valparaiso, Chile will leave you with countless memories only if you stay in the right location. Typically, you’ll find that tourists that plan a short stay and want to make the most out of everything will want to stay in the heart of the city. On the other side, tourist looking forward to extending their stay will want to stay in places that are a bit quieter and feel more of like a respite.

The historical quarter

Perfectly congested with enough historical landmarks, the historical quarter provides the perfect location for someone with limited time in Valparaiso. One of the main reasons why you would want to stay here is because of the proximity of some of the most famous major attraction sites. It’s also important to know that the Valparaiso Historical Quarter was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. While enjoying your stay, don’t forget to try out the restaurants and other social places. Taking the time to visit some of the local monuments here will enrich your knowledge about this fantastic place and will also make your stay memorable with clear photographic evidence.

The hilly surroundings

When planning for an extended stay in Valparaiso, you might want to consider staying in the hilly surroundings. A few meters drive away from the city, the hilly surroundings give you the real feeling of being a local. Most of the houses on the hills are from ancient designs that were introduced by foreigners.

Today, some of the best hotels are found in these hills, and if you are looking for a deeper experience of the local and traditional touch, you should consider the hill. If you are planning for a vacation with your family, then you might also want to consider staying up in the hills. That is because the hotels there have more space and provide ample parking space and opportunity for more outdoor activities.

Areas just outside the city

If you’re not anxious to stay in the hills but still want to dodge the heavy budget of staying in the city, you might want to consider looking for a hotel in the outskirts of the city. The advantage is you’ll spend less on accommodation but still be able to access and explore the city’s main attractions easily. From good lodgings to apartments to rent, you’ll always find something that can fit your budget.

The best thing about staying in a comfortable environment is that your mind will be relaxed allowing you to enjoy some of the beautiful things in this city. Additionally, you might want to have an idea about the place you intend to stay before making the trip. Thanks to the internet, you can quickly dig out more about a place and decide if it will best suit you during your stay here.