Our Picks For The Best Eat Pray Love Inspired Destinations Of 2021
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Our Picks For The Best Eat Pray Love Inspired Destinations Of 2021

monaco , Peru , Bangkok , Thailand
Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson May 11, 2021

The film Eat Pray Love has inspired many to duplicate or create their own rebirthing journey. In the movie, Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, is looking to find herself after going through a rough patch in life. She decides to take a year off from work— and any other responsibilities— to eat, pray and love her way into finding herself.

Sometimes all you need is an extended sabbatical and vacation around the world to put things back into perspective. If that’s you, here are the best destinations to consider for your personal Eat Pray Love journey.

Eat It Away

There is no other way to find yourself than to explore your love for food. Thailand is the perfect destination to experience authentic food, while also exploring cultural dishes you may not be able to find elsewhere. Bangkok’s Khao San Road, which is usually open around the clock, is foodie heaven. From dishes like Khao Pad (fried rice), Gai/Moo bing (meat on a kabob), and Pla Pao (BBQ fish)— Thailand’s street food will not leave you disappointed.


Not far behind Thailand for foodie destination recommendations: New York City, Barcelona, Rome, and New Orleans.

Pray It Away

When you think of Peru, you automatically think of Machu Picchu. While it’s now a tourist attraction, it is still sacred ground. Many visitors use the hike as a way to connect and ground themselves through nature. Many archaeologists believe Machu Picchu was actually a religious site in ancient civilization. Temple of the Sun, the ritual stone of Intihuatan, and Sun Gate are believed to provide spiritual healing.


Runner-ups for spiritual destinations: Bali, Jerusalem, Angkor Wat (Cambodia), and Bhutan.

Find Self-Love

Whether you are looking to find love within yourself, rekindle the love with a significant other, or possibly find new love— Monte Carlo, Monaco is the place to visit. From its immaculate coastal views, Mediterranean culture, and stunning hotels, it is known for being one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Find yourself as you sail along the French Riviera, rekindle love at the Hotel Herimage, or find love at the Instagram-worthy Villa La Vigie


Runner-up destinations: Paris, New York City, Prague, or Jamaica.

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