Best Destinations To Visit In Nicaragua This Spring
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Best Destinations To Visit In Nicaragua This Spring

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Mar 17, 2022

If you’re dreaming of a springtime vacation, then you’ve come across this list of the best destinations to visit in Nicaragua right on time. Truth be told, Nicaragua is a great location all year round, but this spring there are a few things to look out for in this country known for lakes, volcanoes and breathtaking hidden spots.

Booking a trip in the Spring, just before the rainy season begins (about May), is a very big shout although, the rain makes everything all the more lush and green either way.

Nicaragua is perfect for a spring getaway, full of emerald coasts, fishing villages and perfect sunsets, it is a refreshing place to call in the newness of the season. Check out these best destinations to visit in Nicaragua for all types of travelers. 


Best destinations to visit in Nicaragua
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A popular tourist spot, known for its charm and atmosphere – Granada is one of Nicaragua’s most visited destinations. Spring sits within the peak season in Granada because of the dry season, so you’ll be able to enjoy this Central American gem without getting completely drenched.

Granada is the kind of destination that shows you its luxurious side while showing you the everyday state of the city in the same instance. Full of bright colonial buildings, spend time exploring the town, visiting Nicaragua’s most beautiful cathedral and if you’re brave – dive into a volcano, one of the unique things to do while visiting.

We recommend 4-5 days in Granada.


Credit: Roberto Zuniga

The capital city, Managua, is a favorite destination for a few reasons. Not only is the city full of color and surprise, but the magic is truly in the details in this city. The city is a whirlwind, as soon as you get used to the calm you’re met with the vibrancy that takes every traveler by surprise.

A trip to Managua means time spent indulging in unbeatable Central American market culture, easy access to near lagoons and the epic Masaya volcano.

We recommend 3-5 days in Managua.


Black travelers looking for a chance to relax in Nicaragua’s largest African settlement will enjoy Bluefields. This is the perfect destination for the off-the-beaten-path type of traveler, it is certainly the kind of place you need to see for yourself.

Enjoy your time in Bluefields by exploring the El Bluff beach, Waiku Arte y Diseño – a Caribbean art center and wandering the town to enjoy the rhythms of this Caribbean coastal part of Nicaragua.

We recommend 2-3 days in Bluefields.

Corn Islands

Credit: Roberto Zuniga

This is one for the island lovers. If you’re ready for a Caribbean-island trip while in Nicaragua, visiting Big Corn island and/or Little Corn island is going to be your go-to Nicaraguan destination. Think Caribbean food, creole and island energy. The slowness is hard to not fall for and in the middle of spring, it is a much appreciated change in pace.

Little corn is the island without cars; the main transportation is by bike, golf carts and the occasional horse carriage. The peaceful and small island vibes are unmatched in all of Nicaragua. Big corn has a slightly different vibe, with cars and paved streets it is less slow, has better internet connection and is slightly pricier in contrast.

We recommend you never leave. (Kidding, 5 days should be sufficient because it does take a while to reach these islands from the mainland)

San Juan del Sur

Credit: Darren Lawrence

Based on the Pacific coast, this is the perfect destination for watching the sunset on Playa Hermosa beach, surfing and simply relaxing. If you’re looking for a small town with a lot of sun and a growing expat community, then this is your perfect destination. There isn’t much to do, so be prepared to come soak up the rays, drink Nicaraguan beer and go easy like the sea breeze.

If you’re looking to relax, we recommend 5-7 days here.

Ometepe Island

Credit: Roberto Zuniga

A massive island made entirely of two volcanoes protruding from Lake Nicaragua? This is possibly one of Nicaragua’s most exciting destinations to visit – all year round!

If you’re looking to satisfy the inner-adventurer you have lots to do: venture up the volcanoes, head to San Ramon Waterfall, kayak on Rio Istian or, you could just rent a motorbike and explore the endless natural beauty of the island. There is also something for travelers looking to switch off too – head lakeside or the Punta Jesus Maria beach region and breathe in the beauty and quiet of Ometepe.

We recommend a day trip from San Juan del Sur or 6-7 days to truly explore this breathtaking island.


Being hot, humid, and flat – Léon is the perfect place to enjoy some of the country’s best coffee and take in the beauty of this often-overlooked Nicaraguan city. Be prepared for a sense of marvel in Léon, its pretty streets are capturing, and it is often the kind of destination that makes you extend your trip, multiple times.

As the country’s second-largest city, you’ll enjoy this trip if you’re down for a historical city, typically less touristy and extremely artsy. Add Léon to your list if you’re looking for an itinerary-free, see-where-the-day-takes-me type of trip, and with many in-city and outside trips available, you’ll never find yourself bored in Léon.

We recommend 2-3 days in Léon.

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