Life can get stressful sometimes and with work obligations, family time, and side hustles pulling us in all directions, it’s a wonder some of us haven’t pulled our hair out already. That’s why this summer and upcoming fall are an excellent opportunity to take a much-needed friendcation. That’s right! Gather up your homies and your coins because it’s time to explore the world.

Planning group trips can be difficult and one of the hardest aspects of travel planning is deciding where to go. Well, the next time you and your crew decide to hit the road, be sure to check out our list of the best destinations for friendcations.

1. Tulum, Mexico


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Tulum is a beautiful destination in Mexico that has grown as a popular friendcation destination over the years. Compared to Cancun, Tulum is a more relaxing and tranquil vacation destination. So if you’re looking to unwind and disconnect instead of partying all night long, this is where you and your friends need to be. My favorite resort in Tulum is definitely Azulik, a tourism and architectural wonder built into the trees. It’s truly like being in a modern, adult treehouse so you and your friends can relax and tap into your imaginative sides. 

2. Las Vegas, NV


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Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations for bachelor and bachelorette parties. So of course it’s on the list for planning the perfect friendcation. The city is full of gambling, bright lights, live entertainment, and some of the best hotels in the country. Las Vegas is also one of the most inexpensive places to visit right now, with cheaper flight and hotel rates than a lot of other cities in the US. Also, Vegas has some incredible restaurants and many hotels offer access to free drinks and buffets when you win big in their casinos. From rooftop and pool parties to catching some of your favorite music artists perform live at residencies, Las Vegas continues to be a great option for friend trips year after year. 

3. Cartagena, Colombia

Lying along the Caribbean coast hidden inside colorful, colonial walls is the beautiful city of Cartagena. A Colombian city, Cartagena has an incredible nightlife scene that you and your friends will never get enough of. Outside of evening activities, Cartagena is overflowing with history, culture, and amazing cuisine. They have some of the cheapest seafood you’ll find in the world and many travelers leave raving about their red snapper. The city is also relatively inexpensive so you and your friends can visit Cartagena without doing serious damage to your pockets. 

4. Nashville, TN


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The birthplace of country music, Nashville is a classic, American city where you can spend a few days exploring with friends. The city has a slew of bars and restaurants, so it’s a prime spot for bar hopping. It also is full of music history museums, modern attractions, and places where you can catch some live music. Nashville also has 100 urban parks so you can plan the luxury picnic of your dreams that is sure to go viral on you and your friends. IG profiles. There are so many things to see and do in Nashville there’s no way to include them all. If you decide to check out this destination, be sure to stay a few days so you can get the full Tenessee experience. 

5. Jamaica

Jamaica is full of all-inclusive resorts and beachfront vacation homes that are perfect for your next vacation with friends. The country has an array of entertainment, nightlife, restaurants, bars and beaches ready for you and your homies to take it by storm. Jamaica also has incredibly warm weather so this is a destination you can visit at any time during the year. 

Negril is bursting with fun activities and excursions everyone in your friend group can enjoy. If excursions aren’t your thing, take some time to lounge beachside in a cabana. Either way, Jamaica has a lot to offer a friendcation and will definitely be a place you’ll create long-lasting memories.

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