Americans are apparently not shy when it comes to baring it all at the beach, even though it’s not completely legal. The United States is number two in the top ten of the best countries for skinny dipping. It’s the only North American country to make the list. European countries had a strong showing, nabbing two of the top three spots, with France and Spain. Two more European hotspots also made an appearance, along with a few surprises.

These are the results from a study conducted by Outforia, a platform that encourages people to connect with nature by curating and recommending the best outdoor resources available. Factoring into the final list was the number of nudist beaches, naturist campsites, average annual temperature, and average water temperature.

Swimming in the nude is still frowned upon or just plain taboo in several countries. If your birthday suit is your ‘outfit’ of choice while on vacay, avoid countries like the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Malaysia, the Maldives, Indonesia, and Brazil where laws against nudity are strictly enforced.

But if you want to let it all hang out without fear of judgment, here are the top ten best countries in the world for skinny dipping as compiled by Outforia.

1. France

With close to 400 nudist beaches and just over 200 naturist campsites, France leads the pack as the place to be in the buff. There’s even a village in Cap d’Age appropriately titled ‘Village Naturiste’,  which is clothing optional and attracts thousands of tourists.

2. USA

When your country is made up of fifty states with differing laws, it stands to reason that nudity will not be accepted across the board. Nude sunbathing and swimming varies, but there are still spots that will be more than welcoming.

Florida and California are two reasons why the US had more places for naturists to retreat to than any other country on the list.

3. Spain

There’s no doubt that Spain is about that nudist life. Nudity laws are actually written into the constitution. The popular Mediterranean getaway boasts the most nudist beaches of the countries on the list at 422. That’s in addition to the 95 naturist campsites scattered around the country.

4. Thailand

Thailand is not exactly teeming with nudist beaches or naturist campsites, with nine and 12 respectively. But what they lack in nude-friendly resources they more than make up for in gorgeous, tropical weather that hovers consistently close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit — 79.3˚F / 26.3 °C to be exact. That’s the warmest on the list.

The Southeast Asian country also had the highest average water temperature, too, at 84.3˚F / 29.1 °C. Nudity is legal as well.

5. Australia

Nudity is only partially legal in the land down under, but there are 66 nudist beaches and 57 naturist campsites to accommodate. The weather averages a moderate 71˚F.

6. Israel

Israel has the fewest number of nudist beaches (3) and naturist campsites (2) on the list. However, nudity is legal.

Still, propriety and good judgment are essential. Back in 2012, Representative Kevin Yoder, Republican of Kansas was reprimanded after a late-night skinny dipping sesh in the Sea of Galilee.

7. South Africa

South Africa offers relatively good weather all year round, which makes it an ideal spot to bare your body. Nudity is not totally legal, but there are 17 nudist beaches and 25 naturist campsites for good measure.

8. United Kingdom

The UK has a healthy number of naturist campsites at 160 but three times fewer nudist beaches (51). And while nudity is legal in these parts, the notoriously chilly weather (47.2 ˚F) might be a deterrent.

9. Italy

Nudity is legal, but whatever you do, don’t wade into the famous Italian fountains. In 2018 a tourist skinny dipping in the Trevi Fountain was fined 500 euros, or $530.

Instead, check out the Marina di Camerota in south-western Italy, where you won’t be hunted down by the police.

10. Greece

The Greeks know how to party, particularly on free-spirited Mykonos, where nude beaches are abundant.