Spain is a great place for tourists to visit. The southwestern European country is the home of the world’s first modern novel and has many other culturally significant contributions, helping make its tourism appeal noteworthy. The historic charm and cultural offerings of Spain are unmatched. The country is a popular tourist destination due to its art, history, food and natural landscapes. 

Spain’s thriving culture has occupied a unique place in the hearts of travelers and has therefore made it a popular place to visit and live in. It is incredibly diverse, which also makes it an ideal travel destination for Black tourists. Spain’s geographical location also plays a part in this since it is situated in the Iberian Peninsula.

It is a bridge between Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean. The warm climate, photogenic surroundings, rich history and affordable cost of living are among the most popular features of Spain. There is a plethora of location options for travelers to visit in Spain, which is a benefit but the excessive travel choices can be overwhelming. We have compiled a list of the best cities to visit in Spain that have the top offerings for tourists. 

Best Cities To Visit in Spain

Check out the best cities to visit in Spain and what they offer travelers. 
Pictured: a city sidewalk of Spain with a cafe table surrounded by greenery


This city overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most trendy cities in Europe. The artistic city has vibrant views of mountains and the sea, unique architecture, delicious fresh food and welcoming locals. It has become a cultural center and major tourist destination. It is renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and very tourist friendly environment. The Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Parc Guell and the Barri Gotic are some of the most popular things to see in Barcelona.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and a city that has modern features but historic spaces. The metropolitan city has palaces, historic markets, art museums and amazing nightlife. The Royal Palace of Madrid is one of the top tourism attractions and is the official residence of the Spanish royal family. Travelers can admire the centuries old architecture of the buildings of Madrid. They are an impressive feat, so much of the cities’ attractions are in the structure of the destination. Madrid is a very walkable city and the top attractions are within walking distance of each other, so the city is a perfect place for travelers wanting to experience the best of Spain.


This city is the capital of the Andalusia community but is well known for its flamenco dancing. Travelers can catch the most exhilarating performances at the Casa del Flamenco. Seville is a slow paced city which provides travelers with a chance to leisurely explore the local culture. The city is small in comparison to the major cities of Spain but it still can be the highlight of a trip abroad. The city center is very walkable and there is a vibrant culture and heritage to explore. The Plaza de España and the Parque de Maria Luisa are just some of the city’s major landmarks. Travelers can also indulge in the flavorful culinary offerings of the city, including the popular tapas that are offered throughout the central streets. 


This ancient city that sits on a hill is the most popular destination for a day trip from Madrid. The old town of Toledo is an exciting place for history buffs since it has a significant amount of historical sites within it. There are plenty of city tours that explore the top attractions, but travelers can go on self guided tours of the central parts of Toledo. For example, travelers can explore the Catedral Primada, Casco Historico de Toledo and the San Martin Bridge while in Toledo. The historic quarter of Toledo is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so the preserved layout is quite a site. 


This lesser known city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Travelers interested in medieval architecture are encouraged to visit Segovia. The city is even home to a landmark that served as inspiration for Walt Disney’s iconic Cinderella Castle. The Alcazar de Segovia is the medieval castle that has striking views of the city and can transport travelers to the world of fairy tales. Other popular attractions and activities include hot air balloon rides, the Aqueduct of Segovia, the Cathedral of Segovia and the Plaza Mayor.