What are the best cities for singles? The answer may surprise you.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and you may feel anxiety leading up to the big day if you’re single. If you’ve had difficulty finding love in your current city, then a change of pace may be in order. Location is a very important factor when trying to find a potential partner.

Are you a die-hard romantic? Then, consider traveling the world for love. Your soulmate may be waiting for you in another country or continent. Besides finding love in a different country, you’ll also have a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, indulge in different cuisines and learn another language.

New research from Compare The Market recently revealed the best cities to live in for singles. When ranking countries, the study compared seven factors: the cost of going on a date, cost of a pint, number of restaurants and bars, number of attraction and things to do, unemployment rate, internet download speeds and rent prices.

Here is everything that you need to know from the study.

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The Top 5 Cities for Young Singles

  1. Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo takes the top spot for young singles. Work is readily available as the city has the 4th lowest unemployment rate and the 13th quickest internet speed out of all of the cities analyzed. It is perfect for working remotely. There are over 12,000 attractions in Tokyo, making it an easy place to go on a date. The city also ranked number one in the study for restaurants and bars. It’s an extremely clean and safe city.

  2. Bangkok, Thailand

    The second-best place for working singles is great for meeting people and going on dates for an affordable price. Bangkok ranked in the top 10 for the highest number of restaurants and bars, and for the cheapest pints. Above all, Bangkok ranks first for having the lowest unemployment rates, so it’s super easy to find work.

  3. Budapest, Hungary

    Hungary has a low unemployment rate as a country. It also has one of the best internet speeds and cheapest date costs of all of the cities analyzed. This Central European city is perfect for working hard and playing harder.

  4. Prague, Czechia

    This World Heritage city ranked in the top 15 for affordable dates and made the top five for low unemployment rates. Living and dating in Prague means there will be much available work and an affordable cost of living.

  5. Seoul, South Korea

    Don’t sleep on Seoul! This city is lively and has many great places for dates. It ranks mid-table for almost every factor in the study.
Solo travelers choose Brazil
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Best Dating Scene Cities for Young Singles

In Istanbul, you can get two movie theater tickets, a bottle of wine, taxi fare, and a three-course meal for two in a medium-price restaurant for $39.34. The cheapest dating costs can be found in these three cities:

  1. Istanbul, Turkey – $39.34 average cost of date
  2. New Delhi, India – $43.47 average cost of dates
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina – $46.81 average cost of date 

Here are the top three cities with the cheapest pint of beer:

  1. Shanghai, China – $1.25 average cost of a pint
  2. Beijing, China – $1,40 average cost of a pint
  3. Sofia, Bulgaria – $1,49 average cost of a pint

Here are the top three cities with the most bars and restaurants:

  1. Tokyo, Japan – 102,271 bars and restaurants
  2. Seoul, South Korea – 35,305 bars and restaurants
  3. London, United Kingdom – 20,484 bars and restaurants 

Here are the top three cities with the most attractions:

  1. Tokyo, Japan – 12,110 attractions
  2. London, United Kingdom – 8,478 attractions
  3. Paris, France – 8,205 attractions

The Best Cities for Working Singles

When living, working, and dating abroad, you want to find destinations where work is easily available. A huge part of remote work is having reliable internet speed. Copenhagen, Zurich, and Stockholm take the top spots. 

When it comes to unemployment rates, Bangkok, Dubai, and Zurich had the lowest of the 50 cities analyzed. 

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Here are the top three cities with the most affordable rent:

  1. Sofia, Bulgaria – $310 average rent per month
  2. Riga, Latvia – $360 average rent per month 
  3. Bangkok, Thailand – $500 average rent per month 

Here are the top three cities with the quickest internet speed:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark – 123.96 internet speed (Mbps)
  2. Zurich, Switzerland – 110.77 internet speed (Mbps)
  3. Stockholm, Sweden – 75.54 internet speed (Mbps)

Here are the top three cities with the lowest unemployment rate:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand – 0.99% unemployment rate
  2. Dubai, UAE – 1.60% unemployment rate
  3. Zurich, Switzerland – 2.31% unemployment rate

So singles, which city will you be visiting to find love? 

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