Summertime vacation season is coming up fast. So it’s no surprise travelers are boosting their inquiries to find the best flight accommodations for when it is time to get outside. And there’s a lot to consider when deciding who to book your travel with. 

To help travelers figure out where they’ll get the most bang for their buck, WalletHub has released its latest study analyzing the best airlines of 2023. The study compiles data comparing nine of the largest airlines in the country. Elements studied included cancellation rates, amenities, flyer satisfaction, in-flight comfort, and additional features travelers consider when booking flights. 

While no airline is created equal, some offer amenities that make them stand out from the pack. Here’s a little insight into what the best airlines have to offer this year according to the WalletHub study.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Most Reliable 

Delta Airlines is considered the most reliable airline for American travelers. The airline had the lowest cancellation rate on flights ensuring travelers get where they need to go on time. They also had the lowest rate of lost and mishandled luggage. Travelers also reported fewer delays and denied boardings than other airlines. 

Most Comfortable

When it comes to comfort, JetBlue is the head honcho. The airline ranks as the most comfortable airline of 2023. Travelers love the airline’s abundance of free amenities including Wifi and in-flight snacks and beverages. Many travelers also told WalletHub they appreciate the extra legroom on JetBlue planes and provide the best in-flight experience. 

Most Affordable

When it comes to flying on a budget, Spirit Airlines is number one for passengers. The airline has one-way flights as low as $22 and prides itself on offering low fares. Keep in mind, Spirit ticket prices don’t include the cost of baggage, and some seat charges, and additional fees apply. 

Most Pet Friendly

If you’re flying with your furry family members, there are a few options available for pet travel. Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, and SkyWest are all tied for the top pet-friendly airlines. Neither airline reported any negative incidents regarding flying furry passengers. 

Safest Airline

Safety is always first and Envoy Airlines is the safest airline of 2023. The airline had the least number of fatal and overall injuries in aviation accidents between 2017 and 2022. Spirit Airlines was a close second as the safest airline.