Most Beautiful Golf Locations in the United States
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Yellow Dog Productions

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Yellow Dog Productions

Most Beautiful Golf Locations in the United States

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Sep 12, 2023

Golf is steadily emerging as a prominent leisure activity, but what truly distinguishes this sport is the breathtaking landscapes that accompany these courses. It’s a serene game set against the backdrop of nature’s masterpieces. Here are some of the most captivating courses the United States has to offer.

Augusta National Golf Course 

Photo credit: Augusta National

Augusta National Golf Course’s pursuit of perfection has been driven by the desire to maintain a competitive edge for the Masters Tournament. This storied event has graced its pristine fairways since 1934, briefly interrupted only by World War II. The course’s evolution over the decades is a testament to this dedication with a fascinating blend of design influences.

Kiawah Island Ocean Course

Photo credit: Kiawah Golf Resort

The Ocean Course has an unique layout, boasting the largest number of seaside holes in the Northern Hemisphere. Ten holes hug the majestic Atlantic shoreline and an additional eight run parallel. Renowned architect Pete Dye’s wife Alice inspired the course’s dramatic transformation from its original design. She suggested elevating the entire course to offer unobstructed panoramic views of Kiawah’s stunning coastline from every tee and fairway. While this enhancement granted golfers the privilege of soaking in the breathtaking scenery, it also exposed them to the Atlantic’s brisk and unpredictable breezes.

Photo credit: Pebble Beach Links

Pebble Beach Golf Links is a masterpiece that outshines its illustrious neighbors. Revered for its breathtaking vistas and a tapestry of iconic holes, this course offers an unparalleled golfing experience. Players have unforgettable moments, including the thrill of standing atop a 75-foot-high bluff overlooking a picturesque ocean cove. Pebble Beach hosts prestigious events with the 2019 U.S. Open being among its most recent honors. Pebble Beach Golf Links invites golf enthusiasts from around the world to savor its natural beauty.

Manele Golf Course 

Photo credit: Manele Golf Resort

The Manele Golf Course is a true jewel of the Pacific. Jack Nicklaus, the designer of the course, built it on dramatic lava outcroppings. It’s rugged terrain meets the breathtaking expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The innovative five-tee concept ensures that every golfer can find the perfect level of challenge and enjoyment. Tee shots demand precision, requiring golfers to navigate natural gorges and ravines with skill. Exclusive access is reserved for resort guests. It ensures a serene and private experience amid stunning natural wonders.

Dinosaur Mountain

Photo credit: Dinosaur Mountain

The Dinosaur Mountain course is a perennial gem among Arizona’s finest public golf destinations. Renowned for its unrivaled charm and challenge, it presents outdoor enthusiasts with a unique and unforgettable round amidst the captivating Sonoran Desert. Players have panoramic vistas that paint a picture of natural splendor in every direction from the vantage points of its tee boxes. As one embarks on the journey through Dinosaur Mountain, it becomes apparent that this course is no ordinary golfing experience. The test of skills here takes golfers on a captivating voyage, navigating steep ascents, descents and meandering fairways that gracefully embrace the rugged contours of the mountain. With tee-green elevations that change dramatically and fairways that undulate gracefully, Dinosaur Mountain promises a golfing adventure that is as awe-inspiring as it is challenging.

Shinnecock Hills

Photo credit: Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Shinnecock Hills Golf Course, a masterpiece crafted by the prolific architect William Flynn, stands as an enduring testament to golfing excellence. Shinnecock Hills is a course that continues to captivate golf enthusiasts with its timeless allure. Its sprawling landscape serves as the canvas for countless golfing legends. Since 1986, Shinnecock Hills hosted five U.S. Opens, the most recent being in 2018. Ranked among the elite golf courses in the United States, Shinnecock Hills beckons players to test their skills on its storied fairways.

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