Grab a Drink at These Four Bars and Eateries in Old San Juan
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: OurWhiksy Foundation

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: OurWhiksy Foundation

Grab a Drink at These Four Bars and Eateries in Old San Juan

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 11, 2023

When the sun sets on Old San Juan, it takes on a new personality. Bars and eateries fling open their windows and set the music to high volume. As the week concludes, folks fill the streets looking for a good time.

Check out these bars and eateries near Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

El Batey

Goths, metalheads and the rest of the alternative crowd like El Batey. This moody tavern draws from the dive bars of the 80s and 90s, and the decor is like nothing else in town. The walls have random scribbles and posters, while US dollars and other currencies dangle from the ceiling. The owners encourage patrons to add on bills, transit cards or packaged condoms with messages written on them.

Verde Mesa

Verde Mesa, which means “green table,” blends Puerto Rican staples with outside influences. This farm to table restaurant is the first of its kind in San Juan. Regardless of your diet, you’ll be pleased with the thoughtfully curated food and drink selection.

La Factoría 

La Factoría is rough around the edges, which makes it alluring. From the outside, you would never know it’s a bar.

Patrons should not be surprised if the music is all over the place in the main area. Expect to hear some obscure tunes, as you sip a Lavender Mule cocktail.

The middle bar is a good place to catch your breath, while the third is where folks show off their salsa moves.


Convida is in Caguas, which is just 30 minutes from Old San Juan. The music, decor and glassware draw exclusively from the 1960s. This is the first woman-owned gin bar in Puerto Rico, and the ambiance is great for tastings and private events.

For a light nibble, try rumaki. If you want something more substantive, the short ribs braised in wine and served with mushroom risotto is fabulous. The salmon paired with gnocchi calls to seafood lovers.

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