Have you ever dreamed of working remotely as the waves of a beautiful beach crash in the background? Now, that dream may soon be a reality thanks to a new idea being discussed by the Barbados government.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Motley and her team recently unveiled the idea of implementing a 12-month visitor stamp, in hopes that it will draw in people to come stay on the island long-term.

While there is no official word on when or if this will become real, what officials can agree on is that short-term international travel will never be the same. This is mostly due to the fact that countries around the globe are requiring mandatory quarantine periods for visitors, especially those from “high-risk” places.

This new visitor stamp would allow people to remain on the island for up to one year, while also bringing in more dollars for local businesses. During the discussion, she emphasized that in order for this to benefit both sides, local businesses need to make sure they are stepping up to offer service that would persuade visitors to stay.

“You don’t need to work in Europe, or the U.S., or Latin America when you can come here and work for a couple months at a time,” Prime Minister Motley said. “But, in order for those things to truly resonate, what does it mean? It means that what we offer has to be world-class and what we continue to offer is world-class.”

This new stamp would be perfect in today’s times, especially with many companies transitioning to remote work indefinitely. Is this something you would take advantage of?

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