Black person self-care is a real thing, and there isn’t just one way to catch the vibe. From the classic relaxation of a mani-pedi to the guys’ or girls’ trip that creates lasting memories, the options for wellness are limitless.

But what if the next best self-care routine was just steps outside your front door? This is the intersection where EcoWellness enters the chat.

EcoWellness is a growing movement touting the benefits of communing with nature and overall wellness. According to a post from Oregon State University, ecowellness has seven associated aspects:

  • Physical Access
  • Sensory Access
  • Connection
  • Protection
  • Preservation
  • Spirituality
  • Community Connectedness

Having a relationship with nature is not new to Black people. Whether sunbathing on the beach, making inedible mud pies in grandma’s backyard, or taking a bike ride down the community trail – Mother Nature has been the convening force for people for decades.

Sweat and Sunshine offers various classes for people to reconnect with nature. Programs like wellness workshops and dessert scavenger hunts offered at Sweat and Sunshine aim to provide practical solutions to challenge and restore the soul, mind, and body.

Even if a person doesn’t have access to the programs like those offered by Sweat and Sunshine, it doesn’t stop the beauty in communal gatherings that take advantage of nature.

If you go to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, you are sure to find Black people running and working out near the city’s beltline. Head up to New York, where Black men and women are engaged in outdoor sports activities in and around every borough.

And we can’t forget the West Coast, where Black men and women are tapping into their inner zen in Los Angeles with the good folks from Trap Yoga Bae.

No matter your geographic location and active interests, there is always a way to bring some much-needed golden rays to that melanated skin.

So grab your homeboys, homegirls, and non-binary friends to discover what adventure you can explore next and reconnect to your earthly roots.