A family got more than they bargained for while on a cruise over Thanksgiving. The father, Scott Raia (@scottraia) shared his family’s experience on TikTok.

According to Wander Wisdom, “his baby got kicked off the cruise ship, leaving their family stranded in an unfamiliar country, and people are becoming seriously outraged about how this played out after hearing his story.”

Specifically, the family was left on the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. Some TikTok users mentioned these islands aren’t exactly remote but understood why the family was frustrated.

Where Was The Cruise Going?

The family was on board a Princess Cruise Line ship, celebrating their baby’s first Thanksgiving.

The ship departed Europe and was bound for Florida.

Everything seemed fine at first, until things went south.


A Technicality Left The Family Stranded

Some time into the cruise, the family was informed by guest services that there was an issue.

Wander Wisdom explained, “apparently, a baby under 12 months old shouldn’t have been allowed to board a transatlantic voyage.”

“But a computer error allowed it to happen anyway. And despite the fact that they were already well into their cruise, the entire family was kicked off the ship in the Canary Islands, just off the coast of Africa, and unable to get back on.”

Apparently, The Cruise Knew The Baby's Age

What made an already terrible situation worse, was that the cruise was aware of the baby’s age.

Wander Wisdom wrote, “the cruise line always knew the daughter’s correct date of birth, and even saw her passport when they boarded the ship in Rome. When they called the cruise line when booking, they were told 6 months was the age minimum.”


TikTok Users Were Upset

The general consensus on TikTok was that Scott and his family were wronged.

One person wrote: “if all documentation shows her age and they had her passport. … lawyer up!”

“Come on!” said a second, while tagging Princess Cruises. “This is absurd — y’all need to make this right.”


Was A Refund Or Any Kind Of Compensation Offered?

Nothing to date.

“So far, no refunds, no expenses paid,” said Scott. “No apologies, just call this 1-800 number.”

Vanagen empathized, but wondered why the family traveled with a child so young.

“Definitely poorly handled on their end. You should be refunded and reimbursed. Have to ask- why traveling with such a young one?”

Scott responded, “because she’s a cherished member of our family and we deserve to choose our own life.”