Babies Left To Sleep Outside? That's The Norm In Danish And Scandinavian Countries According To This Viral TikTok
Photo Credit: Shanice McKenzie | Pexels

Photo Credit: Shanice McKenzie | Pexels

Babies Left To Sleep Outside? That's The Norm In Danish And Scandinavian Countries According To This Viral TikTok

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 29, 2022

Would you leave your baby outside to sleep if we told you that it’s the best sleep they’ll ever get? 

A recent viral TikTok reveals that it’s the norm for babies to sleep outside in Danish and Scandinavian countries. Parents get to enjoy a hot drink from inside of a cafe while watching their baby peacefully sleep inside their stroller outside. 


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Danish babies sleep alone outside

In the viral TikTok from @annieineventyrland, she explains that it’s customary for babies to sleep outside, regardless of the weather. She also reveals that its recommended by midwives and baby nurses in Danish countries to have your baby sleep outside. 

“Fresh air is said to keep babies healthy and helps them sleep better and napping your baby in their stroller outside is done in all sorts of weather,” says the TikToker. 

The video shows footage of babies outside sleeping in their strollers. There’s one clip where multiple strollers are outside while the parents are getting in some quality time with themselves or friends. 

Napping outside in rain or shine

Whether it’s raining or nippy outside, babies still slumber outdoors. Most of the time, their strollers are covered and there’s a baby monitor in the stroller so parents can keep a close eye on their babies.

“Babies here don’t get kidnapped because no one wants the responsibility of someone else’s kid, especially when our healthcare system does everything they can to help everyone who wants a baby to have their own at little to no cost,” says the Danish mother of four. 

Danish and Scandinavian countries may be on to something because according to the World Happiness Report, these countries are among the happiest in the world. Citizens generally have more trust for each other and the crime rates are lower. 

Would you try putting your baby to nap outside? What do you think of this way of life? Comment below!

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