The tasty Texas barbecue at Big T BBQ Kitchen is the talk of Dubai. The modest Texas-style barbecue business, aptly named after its proprietor and chief chef Fadel “Big Tasty” Faour, is transforming the area into a culinary hotspot. Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, where the eatery is situated, is a massive complex of low-rise warehouses. It has dusty roads leading past industries, storage facilities, trucks, and lorries transporting products. No iconic buildings, golden coastline, or opulent resorts make this place appear anything like the famous Dubai. Still, Big T’s BBQ Kitchen is swiftly becoming a must-visit for food lovers in this location.

What To Know Before Eating at Big T’s BBQ Kitchen

Photo credit: @bigtbarbecue / Instagram

Despite being only open for three days a week, the restaurant has garnered a devoted following. If you’re in Dubai and want a taste, be prepared to join the other people waiting in line. Some devoted customers wait for as long as an hour just to have a bite of the famous restaurant’s food. The restaurant serves burgers, ribs, beef cheek, pastrami, brisket, and Texas sausage. You can also have mac n’ cheese, seasoned fries, cornbread, potato salad, coleslaw, and other classic southern barbecue meals

Sweet treats, including tres leches, banana pudding, and vanilla cheesecake, are also available at Big T BBQ. Other attractive features at Big T’s BBQ include Faour’s 1,000-gallon Texan smoker, which he maintains is the biggest of its type in the UAE. Faour uses post-oak wood he imports from Texas to smoke his products to give his clients a taste of the real Texas. As a result, customers rave about Big T’s beef brisket, which is smoked for at least 16 hours. 

Many of Faour’s regulars have become friends, and the restaurant has gotten a lot of attention on social media. The Palestinian chef, who spent his formative years in the UAE, feels both humbled and privileged by the recognition he has garnered.