Tucked away a little more than 20 miles from Honolulu Airport, Aulani, a Disney resort and spa, is a special place for reconnecting with friends on your next girls’ trip.

Girls’ trips are an opportunity to reconnect with your friends, release daily stress, check off a bucket list destinations and explore new experiences together. There’s no better place to do that than Aulani. 

“Aulani Resort offers all the luxury of a world-class resort and spa in a breathtaking beachfront setting making it the perfect location for a retreat,” said Yolanda Cade, the vice president of communications for Disney Signature Experiences. “The resort is approximately 25 miles from the hustle-and-bustle of Waikiki in Ko Olina, which means ‘Place of Joy.’ Ko Olina was once a sacred area for Hawaiian monarchs and leaders to rest and unwind.”

If you’re looking to take a break from adulting responsibilities for the ultimate trip with your girls, here are four reasons to book a stay at Aulani.

Reconnect With Your Friends at Aulani

Photo Credit: Aulani, A Resort By Disney

Aulani offers so many ways for you to reconnect with your girls. There’s no better way than through the dining options, as food provides the opportunity to slow down, talk and laugh. 

Off The Hook Bar & Lounge is perfect for a casual sit-down. The restaurant offers fantastic food options and amazing tropical cocktails with the beautiful pool nearby.

Another way is at Makahiki. In Hawaiian culture, Makahiki is an ancient New Year festival that serves as a celebration of the harvest.  The spirit of Makahiki is present in the cuisine, local art and more. Makahiki is best for breakfast. It is the perfect place to see some other friendly faces on your girls’ trip, such as Minnie Mouse. 

Don’t leave the resort without booking a reservation at ‘Ama’ Ama. It’s situated along Ko Olina Beach, and its backdrop allows you to watch the sunset. It is a beautiful open-air restaurant, which is perfect for celebrating with your friends. 

Release Stress 

Aulani Disney Resort
Photo Credit: Aulani, A Resort By Disney

One of the highlights at Aulani is the Laniwai. It’s a full-service spa, salon and fitness center. There are group and solo treatments, so you can get the most relaxing spa experience. Some of the services include facials, massages and herbal body remedies. 

One part of the spa you and your girls may all enjoy together is the Kula Wai outdoor hydrotherapy garden. This 5,000-square-foot garden is a retreat for pampering. The amenities offered will allow you all to rest, relax and release the day-to-day stress that comes with responsibilities.  

The garden also includes private vitality baths, soaking pools, a reflexology path designed to massage the feet and lower legs, a cold water therapy plunge pool, rain-style showers with various shower styles and more. You will also release the stress of having to extensively plan out your day. With Aulani, everything is pre-planned, which means you only have to attend the activities you want to partake in.  

Check Aulani off your Travel Bucket List 

Photo Credit: Parker Diakite

There’s a reason why Hawaii attracts millions of people each year. There’s no place in the world like it. The climate is perfect all year round, and there’s so much to see and do. The culture and Aloha spirit is beautiful, and the natural beauty can’t be put into words. 

With so much natural beauty, it’s a lot to take in, especially on a girls’ trip. Here’s where you win at Aulani. There are no better storytellers than Disney. You have a unique opportunity to learn more about the rich traditions of this bucket list destination through storytelling in food, art, entertainment, history and more. Walt Disney Imagineers worked closely and intently with local cultural experts to bring you an authentic experience of Hawaiian culture.

One example of this is at the entrance. There, guests will notice two rivers running down the beachfront. One is fast, and the other is slower and calmer. This is not by mistake. It represents the balance of nature, and the importance of feminine and masculine energies in Hawaii’s culture.  

Explore New Experiences

Aulani Disney Resort
Photo Credit: Aulani, A Resort By Disney

One thing that can be hard about a group trip is making sure there’s an activity for everyone to enjoy. This is another area where Aulani excels because there are more than a dozen activities for the group to experience together. These experiences happen on and off the resort. There’s ziplining, a dolphin encounter program, a majestic circle island tour, trips to the mountains, a self-guided kayaking discovery tour and more.