Athens, Greece in ancient wonder, but if you’re not careful, a trip to the popular destination could set you back thousands of dollars. There are many things you can do to keep your travel costs down like traveling during Greece’s low season or splitting costs with a travel companion, but if you want to knock Athens off of your bucket list in 2018, here’s how to do it for less than $1,400.


We’ll be honest, getting to Greece will be the most costly aspect of your trip. While there always seems to be a flight deal from the U.S. to London, Barcelona and Paris, getting to Greece is costly throughout the year. For the best deal, don’t bother traveling in the summer and visit this fall instead, when you’re likely to get the best deal on airfare. Air Serbia has round-trip flight from NYC to Athens for less than $600 if you search on Google Flights for flights in early fall, so with enough patience and flexibility, you’ll find a flight that keeps you under budget.

Flight in September from NYC: $579


Getting a room at a five-star hotel is out of the question when you’re tight on cash, so head to Airbnb to find the right deal for your budget. Many Greeks will be back home from their own summer holidays by September, so you’ll want to book early to get deals like this entire apartment for just $43 a night.

Airbnb for 5 nights: $271

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Getting Around Athens

Athen’s isn’t the cheapest city to navigate, so if you want to see the sights, plan on spending at least €50 during a five-day trip between the metro, buses and short Uber rides. Walk or rent a bike as often as you can to keep transportation costs down.

Transportation for 5 days: €50/$62


Try to avoid eating right next to tourists attractions if you want to save money on food, and instead, ask locals where they like to grab quick bites and drinks during your trip. Be sure to grab Souvlaki for just a few euro, but plan on spending at least €40 per day on your meals if you’re trying to be budget-friendly.

Food for 5 days: €200/$247


For between 10 and 20 euro, you can score a ticket to see many of the top attractions in Athens including the Acropolis of Athens, the Ancient Agora of Athens, the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, and the Kerameikos, Museum of the Ancient Agora. The pass is good for five days and you’ll want to set aside a good €50 to see all you want to see.

Attractions for 5 days: €50/$62

When I travel I like to have at least $100 for unexpected expenses, so with these tips you can experience Athens for the grand total of $1,321 and more or less depending on when you go on what you do!