Anissa's Spot: Inside North Carolina's New Black-Owned Açai and Smoothie Shop
Photo Credit: Alyssa Davis

Photo Credit: Alyssa Davis

Anissa's Spot: Inside North Carolina's New Black-Owned Açai and Smoothie Shop

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 9, 2021

Anissa’s Spot is the newest Black-owned smoothie shop in Durham, North Carolina. The owner Anissa Graham-Davis is an attorney by day, but owning a smoothie café has been a dream of hers for more than a decade. Anissa says smoothies are a staple in the household with her husband and two daughters.

“My husband counted up, and he said, ‘I think it’s been 12 years we’ve been talking about owning a smoothie shop,'” she told Travel Noire. “I was dreaming of having a smoothie shop even before I went to law school.”

The name “Anissa’s Spot” was inspired by her family, who says she’s always been the go-to person for the hidden gems in her community.

“I have spots around town that only I know about. I call them ‘my spots,’ and if you’re really special, I might take you to one,” she said jokingly. “When my daughters were in high school, and they were having a hard day, I would pick them up and tell them, ‘let’s head to my spot and have lunch.’ They would always say, ‘mom, I never knew about this place.'”

Her gift for finding the city’s hidden treasures is why her husband suggested the name Anissa’s Spot. However, the grand opening on July 31 proves the goodness inside the cafe is everything but a secret.

On the menu are smoothies, avocado toast, sandwiches, and açaí bowls that pay homage to local schools.

“Our go-to item is the Eagle’s Açai Bowl. I’m a graduate of North Carolina Central University, and I’m paying homage to some local schools in the area. The Eagle’s Eye is my favorite bowl and one of our bestsellers, too. There’s peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, chia, and flax seeds, and then I drizzle it with honey and granola.

We also have ‘Heels Up’ for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and ‘The Dukester’ for Duke University students,” she added.

For more information about the menu items or location, visit the website by clicking here.

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