Amtrak announced a series of compelling offers that are set to transform travel in the Northeast corridor. With a focus on providing affordable transportation options, Amtrak is enticing travelers with generous discounts and a host of upgrades. New York passengers planning trips to cities, like Washington, DC, Boston, Providence and Philadelphia, can now save big by booking their tickets in advance.

The Northeast Regional service offers a 50 percent discount for those who book their trips 21 days ahead of departure. If speed is of the essence, the Acela train grants a 30 percent discount when booked 14 days in advance.

Amtrak’s Northeast Regional and Acela trains offer passengers spacious, comfortable seats, complimentary Wi-Fi and power outlets for their devices. To make the journey more hassle-free, Amtrak allows each traveler to bring up to four bags without any extra charges.

In addition to cost savings, Amtrak provides a sustainable alternative to flying and driving. Both the Northeast Regional and Acela trains are powered by all-electric locomotives. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 72 percent compared to air travel and a remarkable 83 percent compared to driving.

If booking Amtrak’s Northeast regional train, sample fares to and from New York are under $50 for Washington D.C., Baltimore, Providence and Boston.

The early booking discount also applies to Acela trains, which have higher fares than regular Amtrak, due to increased speed, comfort and amenities. However, if you book at least 14 days in advance, you can still get a great deal on Acela tickets.

Sample fares to and from New York are under $80 to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Providence and Baltimore.

Other Amtrak Offers

Amtrak is spicing up the travel experience with exclusive limited-time offers. In July, Amtrak presented the Auto Train flash summer sale. For a limited time only, passengers could take their vehicles onboard, eliminating the need for separate transportation arrangements. The company also introduced its Night Owl Fares offer. Ticket prices between Northeast destinations range from $5 to $20 for trains departing in the late hours of the night or early morning.

Amtrak has committed to advancing infrastructure improvements on the Northeast Corridor. Investing $130 million in rail enhancements, the company is replacing 40 track switches, updating 25 miles of track and completing over one million feet of surfacing work for high-speed rail across the New York and Mid-Atlantic regions. Through some temporary inconveniences may occur during this work, Amtrak assures customers that the long-term benefits include increased reliability and improved on-time performance.