American Airlines Debuts Bus Travel Routes
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

American Airlines Debuts Bus Travel Routes

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Apr 9, 2022

American Airlines is launching bus travel routes between airports to facilitate connections for its passengers. This new service will be carried out through the partnership between the airline and Landline, an integrated platform for airlines, beginning on June 3rd. American is the third airline to offer this service, following United and Sun Country Airlines to other destinations. American bus travel routes will be between Allentown/Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (ABE) and Atlantic City, New Jersey (ACY), via American’s Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) hub.

With these new bus travel services, passengers will start their travel at a local Landline Portal. They will be able to check in for their flight, check bags and clear security before taking ground transportation directly to their gate. Landline’s vehicles offer fully equipped buses with leather seats. This integrated flight booking system enables coordination with departure and arrival schedules, just like any other connecting flight.

 “For too long, travelers have been bothered by all of the ancillary parts of flying, including getting to and from the airport, parking, transporting their bags, and navigating security. We’re changing that,” Landline CEO and co-founder David Sunde in a press release. “Landline is proud to partner with American to make travel even more efficient, affordable and relaxing. Alongside American, we’re excited to introduce travelers to a whole new level of convenience and comfort,” he added.

For  Brian Znotins, American’s Vice President of Network Planning, this new partnership with Landline will make travels more comfortable for passengers to connect to American Ailrnes’ premier trans-Atlantic gateway in Philadelphia. “Customers can start and end their journey at their local airport, relax on a comfortable Landline vehicle, and leave the driving to someone else while they work or start their vacation early. From road to runway, we’re excited to welcome customers on board,” Znotis stated.

American Airlines is the third major airline to partner with Landline. United Airlines and Landline currently provide the same service to travelers between Denver International Airport, Fort Collins, CO, and Breckenridge, CO. Sun Country Airlines and Landline operate in a total of seven markets in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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