American Airlines has launched a groundbreaking bus service in partnership with Landline, allowing passengers to travel from local airports in Atlantic City or Lehigh Valley to Philadelphia International Airport after going through security at their departure airport. The service, the first of its kind in the country, aims to provide a seamless travel experience for customers.

David Sunde, CEO of Landline, expressed the significance of the new service, stating, “For the first time ever, passengers who have already been through screening will be able to transit between two airports on something that isn’t an airplane.”

American Airlines flight attendants
Photo credit: American Airlines

Making Air Travel More Convenient

Previously, travelers flying American Airlines had the option to take a Landline bus from Atlantic City or Lehigh Valley International to PHL, but the service only transported them between the airports’ curbs. With the new program, passengers will go through security at their local airport, proceed to a gate, and be shuttled directly to their connecting gate at PHL. This convenience could inspire more customers to travel to these destinations.

Reduces Long Security Lines

The bus service not only provides convenience for travelers but also helps alleviate congestion at PHL, allowing the Transportation Security Administration to distribute its security efforts across multiple airports. The initiative comes after last year’s long security lines at PHL due to a shortage of TSA workers.

Passengers can now book tickets online to connect via bus to PHL for an American Airlines flight. Landline buses, which have already been utilized by thousands of travelers since the service began operating last year, offer amenities such as WiFi, power outlets, and ample legroom.

In the event of unexpected delays due to traffic, American Airlines is prepared to accommodate passengers as they are already within the airline’s system.