This state in the south of Mexico is known for it’s impressive nature, but most notably, the waterfalls and jungles in Chiapas never fail to impress. I spent most of my time traveling around Chiapas unapologetically enjoying the best that the green state had to offer. Chiapas is one of Mexico’s cheapest states meanwhile it is rich in other, wilder ways. For a truly off-grid adventure, I recommend Chiapas as a location for outdoorsy kinds of travelers.

From mystical waterfalls and jungles in Palenque to the impressive and numerous rivers, Chiapas is loved by Mexicans and travelers. Here is all that I loved and indulged in during my travels.

1. El Chiflon Waterfall

waterfalls and jungles in chiapas
Amara Amaryah

The very first excursion I went on, a few hours away from San Cristobal de las Casas where I lived, was to El Chiflon. It was an amazing full moon group trip, where with each step the views, the sounds and energies of the waterfalls get more and more intense. The lushness of the surrounding green also provides a lot to admire. Hiking this waterfall requires a good amount of energy so prepare yourself for that. Most importantly, be ready to swim in some of the most incredible rivers you can imagine, it is a welcomed change from the coolness of the mountains in San Cris, for sure.

2. Palenque - Templos and Jungle

Amara Amaryah

You knew Palenque was going to make the list. The ruins (or the preferred term- temples) are absolutely unmissable, but what is equally impressive is the vast jungle that can be explored. Sitting in the tranquility of nature in Palenque is a top tier moment every traveler in Mexico should seek out.

3. Misol-Ha


Amara Amaryah

Misol-Ha, translating to ‘Streaming River’ is one of the state’s most amazing sites in the Palenque region. There is a walkway which leads the bold travelers behind the waterfall to get drenched in mist, leaving them refreshed. Scuba divers may also enjoy this waterfall as the rivers at the foot of the waterfall are reported to be 45m deep. I enjoyed this waterfall even with all the tourists around because of its grandeur.

4. Agua Azul


Amara Amaryah. Imagine this on a sunny, non-rainy day.

Ask any Mexican what their favorite natural vacation spot is, and Chiapas will make the list, perhaps before or after Veracruz. Ask for specifics of why Chiapas and Agua Azul will surely makes its feature in the conversation. This spot is treasured for its turquoise blue waters and rivers as well as its proximity to Palenque. The glory of this waterfall is the access to the surrounding jungle. A full day trip if ever there was one; swimming in the gorgeous waters, hiking to the highest point, getting into the mystical and ancient energies of the jungle with traditional food from Chiapas at your side – can’t get better than that…

5. Cascada de Roberto Barrios

One gorgeous watery destination that I wasn’t able to tick off my list before leaving Chiapas is Cascada de Roberto Barrios. The waterfalls located in Chiapas offer heavenly views and clear blue cascading waters. Add this to your Chiapas bucket list, it is certainly where I will visit the next time I’m in Chiapas.