When it comes to Latin America, AirBnB has the market covered.

With unique homes throughout the greater Caribbean, booking with AirBnB is more than just an alternative to hotels. It’s an outright experience.

Back in 2017, the company was hoping to possibly penetrate the Latin American market. As of 2019, however, they no longer “disrupt” the market in Mexico and Latin America — they actually lead it.

AMI did an extensive study on why this is so — and they found that the answers lay, specifically, in the unique offerings that the company provides that a hotel, quite simply, cannot.

“The hotel industry barely evolved from the mid-19th century till the 1950s, a century without change. Then in the fifties, inter-state highways (in the US) and in the 1960s, international air travel led to global hotel chains, led by US companies, bringing some consolidation and modernization to the industry,” reports the company in its ground-breaking study. “The 1980s brought 1-800 numbers and centralized booking and the 1990s ushered on the internet and a little later online travel agencies like Expedia and aggregators like Trivago. But most of those changes benefitted the large hotel chains.” Today’s disruption by Airbnb and others pits a capital-intensive, massive overhead hotel industry against the almost zero cost competition of an idle bedroom, apartment or house, brought to market by a very user-friendly app that sits on your phone. No one saw this coming. Even fewer expected Airbnb to flourish as quickly as it is doing in Latin America.”

These countries, though, lead the way in AirBnB bookings.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s affordable, it’s close by, and Americans don’t need a passport to travel there. Those three factors make Puerto Rico the most desirable location in Latin America to book. And with offerings like this beachfront condo that’s going for only $90/night, you can’t miss.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Imagine staying in your own beachfront condominium with a jacuzzi in the heart of Santo Domingo for only $93/night! That’s exactly what you’ll get with this super-booking in the second-most popular destination for AirBnB bookers.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum has exploded in popularity thanks to the pandemic, and consequently, the prices for the average AirBnB have climbed as well. But, for a unique “glamping” experience, you can check out this booking for $138/night for a quick, safe getaway.

Cancun, Mexico

With its proximity to the Caribbean Sea, Cancun has become a popular vacation spot for couples and families. This condo is right in the heart of the hotel district, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and can be booked for just $95/night.

Mexico City, Mexico

If it’s city life you prefer, you’ll love booking an AirBnB in the heart of Juarez, Mexico City — which is also the fifth-most popular city in Latin America for AirBnB travelers. This colorful condo with a private balcony and an unbeatable view of the city is only $50/night!


Want to experience Exuma Cay — and swimming with the infamous pigs — without having to go to the Fyre Festival? This booking (which also includes a complimentary car rental!) for $117/night has you covered.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

AirBnB isn’t just for private homes. This boutique hotel in Playa del Carmen — which goes for a super-affordable $34/night — is also available on the site!

Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada is technically in Baja California, so this area runs a little pricey. However, this private condominium with a jacuzzi and a waterfront view is pretty affordable at $133/night.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellín is popular amongst the “plastic surgery” crowd, mostly because it’s both well done and affordable there. (Hey, we don’t judge.) Regardless of why you want to go, this apartment in the heart of the city — with city views — is only $74/night.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Puerto Penasco is an easy drive from the southernmost point of Arizona, which makes it a perfect vacation destination for desert-weary Americans. And this condo with a heated pool and a view of the Sonoran Sea is a steal at just $109/night.


Aruba will forever be a five-star destination spot in the Caribbean. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay five-star prices. This modern Mediterranean villa is a 10-minute walk to Eagle Beach and is only $72/night.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

The cultural district of Colombia offers some unique finds — and this boutique hotel, located right in the heart of the “Old City,” at $96/night is no different.