African Artist Links The Past And Present With Exhibit In Lisbon, Portugal
Photo Credit: This Is Not A White Cube

Photo Credit: This Is Not A White Cube

African Artist Links The Past And Present With Exhibit In Lisbon, Portugal

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga May 28, 2021

Being in a position of thinking about the dystopian conception of the identity of the African continent, as well as understanding the demand to reaffirm several Africas inside the continent and in the diaspora, are the main goals of the African artist René Tavares.

The Santomean artist is exhibiting ‘In Memory We Trust,’ a set of art work exhibited in Lisbon, Portugal, May 27- July 17.

Tavares, who is one of the most celebrated artists of his generation in São Tomé and Principe, presents to the visitor 30 mixed-media works produced between 2012 and 2021. In order to share his experience as an African plastic artist, Tavares brings to light history, tradition, heritage and miscegenation of the tiny country located in West Africa. 

His art work also aims to join Portuguese, French and Santomean cultures and explains how his inheritance originated through this cultural mixture.

Tavares’ art works are also displayed in Luanda, where the Angolan art gallery is based. In the African country, the ‘Two Lives Tchiloli’ exhibit is the artist’s oldest photographic series. Also, it is one of which embodies this idea of ​​a meeting between the past (colonial era) and the present(post-colonialism).

Photo Credit: This is not a White Cube

Tavares was born in 1983 and his art works have already been shown in the USA, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Angola and China. He graduated from École de Beaux Arts de Rennes (France), and also has a Master’s Degree in Art Science from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

The latest exhibit coincides with the opening of the new This Is Not A White Cube gallery in Lisbon, on May 27th. Created in 2016 by CEO and founder Sónia Ribeiro, curator Graça Rodrigues, and Ngoi Salucombo— the Angolan art gallery has 25 artists in its portfolio.

According to Rodrigues, this new branch is part of a wider movement for the internationalization of the artists from the art gallery, since it is easier to establish contacts with countries like the United States and Dubai from a European country.

“From a strategic point of view, Portugal is important because of the language. Portuguese is the official language in Angola. But, we want to go beyond that. There are a number of social, political and aesthetic issues that artists want to overcome, mainly those related to issues imposed by the historical colonial past, said Rodrigues to Lusa News Agency.

Admission is free, but in compliance with safety regulations. This is not a White Cube is located at  Emenda street, 72, Chiado. The exhibition can also be seen through the gallery’s social media.

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