Dreaming of staying in the most iconic hotels is often followed by the reality of astronomical prices. Imagine, though, if you could enjoy similar experiences while keeping your wallet intact. From the glitter of Sin City to the grandeur of New York City, here are five affordable alternatives that guarantee fun, comfort, and a ton of savings.

1. The Jane Hotel vs. The Plaza, New York City

Over the years, the Plaza has come to represent the pinnacle of New York City’s luxury. However, if you’re looking for an alternative that marries affordability with a sense of history and style, The Jane Hotel in the trendy West Village is a fascinating choice. The cabin-inspired rooms at The Jane, with their classic décor and views of the Hudson River, provide a comfortable yet stylish stay. This property offers a vantage point to explore West Village, making it a perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers looking to soak up the city’s culture.

2. The Line LA vs. The Beverly Hills Hotel

Los Angeles is where the Beverly Hills Hotel stands as a symbol of the golden age of Hollywood. However, for those seeking a more accessible option, The Line LA in Koreatown offers a modern, stylish alternative. Its sleek design, panoramic city views, and trendy rooftop pool provide a quintessentially LA experience without the hefty price tag. The central location also places guests at the heart of the city’s culinary scene, with added attractions like comedy shows and Tai Chi classes elevating the experience.

3. The LINQ Hotel + Experience vs. Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Vegas epitomizes luxury and extravagance, with Bellagio often at this image’s forefront. Yet, The LINQ Hotel + Experience emerges as a compelling budget-friendly contender, located right on the iconic Strip. The LINQ offers stylish rooms, a casino floor, and numerous dining, drinking, and shopping options. It ensures the Vegas thrill without the extravagant cost. Not to mention, the High Roller observation wheel offers one-of-a-kind city views. 

4. Hotel Zeppelin vs. The Fairmont San Francisco

Many people’s travel bucket lists include San Francisco because of its famous skyline and culture. While the Fairmont San Francisco personifies the city’s refined taste, the more affordable boutique Hotel Zeppelin provides an alternative with a punk edge. It has quirky, comfortable rooms decorated with colorful artwork and vintage-inspired furnishings. The hotel encourages guests to embrace the revolutionary spirit that has shaped the city.

5. The Robey, Chicago vs. The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago

Chicago is known for its beautiful buildings and is one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, The Ritz-Carlton. However, in Chicago’s hip Wicker Park area, The Robey is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a less expensive but just as exciting experience. Perched atop a restored Art Deco structure, The Robey provides some of the best views of the metropolitan skyline. Guests can easily discover the varied mix of shops, restaurants, and galleries that make Wicker Park unique, thanks to the hotel’s ideal location.