Looking for some great adult toys to throw in the suitcase for a Valentine’s Day getaway? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

Valentine’s Day is coming, and with these adult toys, we hope you can too.

We live in a time where you can purchase equipment to satisfy just about any desire, whether you’ve got a partner or you’re flying solo. There are products for folks of all gender identities and sexual orientations, which we love to see. Whether sex toys are old hat to you or entirely new territory, you’ll likely find options appropriate to your tastes and budget.

Here are 5 adult toys to pack in your suitcase for that hot Valentine’s Day getaway.

Rose Toy For Women

Whether they bought it for themselves or a partner, users give the Rose Toy positive reviews.

Amazon explains, “this toy is sleek, slim, waterproof, and wickedly powerful.” It’s typically used on the labia, but some have used it on the nipples, neck, and other erogenous zones. The toy is waterproof, making it a fun addition to the bathtub or shower.

The toy’s compact design makes it easy to take on vacation, and it’s rechargeable. One woman praised it for “snatching her soul,” while a man said it was well worth the money.

“I got this toy for my girlfriend so we could use it together,” he explained. “And, let me tell you she absolutely loves it. The suction is amazing and goes well with a variety of different vibration modes. Definitely, a must-buy.”

Detachable Spreader Bar Set

Some like the feeling of temporarily relinquishing power to somebody they trust.

Even if you don’t consider yourself part of the BDSM community, the detachable spreader bar can spice up your bedroom situation. Amazon describes it as “portable and stylish,” and it’s easy to disassemble and take with you on a trip. The set comes with four leather cuffs and two connectors.

We don’t need to lay out exactly what positions are possible here. Just let your imagination run wild and enjoy.

KY Yours And Mine Lubricant

KY Yours and Mine is a water-based lube compatible with most sex toys.

Both of you (or however many are involved) can enjoy warm, tingling and chilling sensations during your most intimate moments. One user wrote, “This lube is amazing. Guaranteed O’s for both you and your partner within 5 minutes. The sensations are amazing.” Another praised the fact that there were “no parabens, sulfates or artificial colorants.”

A third joked that they would have included pictures with their review, but would probably get flagged.

Bullet Vibrator

There are so many vibrators on the market — how can you choose? Well, that depends. Do you want outside stimulation or something deeper? Or maybe you want a little bit of both? Do you want a variety of sensations and speeds, or just a few? How much are you looking to spend?

The Bullet Vibrator is praised by Amazon users for being compact (it can fit in the palm of your hand), and it’s pretty powerful for its size. It has ten vibration modes, and it’s shaped like lipstick allowing for direct stimulation. Lastly, it’s affordable and travel friendly.

IQ Edible Massage Oil

Sexy time doesn’t always have to consist of tying your partner up or throwing them across the room like a Cirque du Soleil performance.

The IQ Edible Massage Oil consists of coconut, vanilla and sunflower oils, all mixed together into a delightful concoction for both of you.

One user with extensive training in massage wrote, “as a longtime fan of IQ, I was excited when I saw that they had released this massage oil. We’ve used it a couple of times, and I have to give this product 5 big stars. This massage oil provides the perfect glide to friction ratio, with a perfectly balanced aroma of lavender.”

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