Love The 90s? This Black-Owned Airbnb Brings The Nostalgia You're Missing
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Home of the 90s.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Home of the 90s.

Love The 90s? This Black-Owned Airbnb Brings The Nostalgia You're Missing

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor May 24, 2020

It’s something about the 90s that we can’t let go. From the music, T.V. shows, and crazy fashions, it’s still one of the most loved decades of all time. Baltimore native turned Charlotte resident, Jessica Jones found a way to not only celebrate the decade but also make a business out of it.

Jones relocated to Charlotte in 2011 after simply wanting a change of scenery. After working in the insurance industry for some time, she began to research for her next business move.

“I knew I wanted to do something new and different,” Jones told Travel Noire.

Courtesy of Home of the 90s.

After seeing the success of Airbnb, she decided to turn her first home into a unique accommodation and event space that she calls ‘Home of the 90s.’

With the help of local Charlotte artist and muralist Inigma, Jones was able to transform her standard 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home into a fun and colorful space that pays homage to the era.

“The 90s is that one decade that everyone loves. It’s happy and bright.”

The walls of the home are filled with murals that will transport you back in time and have you reminiscing on your favorite moments of the decade. From a Fresh Price themed mural to a brick wall full of popular 90s slang, this house is a photographer’s dream. There are even Little Hugs juices and an original Nintendo console on deck.

Courtesy of Home of the 90s.

There are two ways to book the space. You can book directly through Airbnb for an overnight stay when you’re in the city or you can book directly through the home’s Instagram page if you would like to host events or parties.

Jones will work with you from beginning to end to ensure that your experience in her home is one that you’ll talk about for weeks to come. If there’s anything that you want to bring your 90s experience together, she’ll even work to try to get it (within reasonable means).

“I want you to have fun in my house,” Jones said. “All I ask is that you respect the space.”

Courtesy of Home of the 90s.

To learn more about the home, check out the Instagram page: @homeofthe90s.

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