Day by day, we’re reminded that Earth is a strange place and the people on it are equally as unique. Flying was once an enjoyable experience, before the days of extensive security measures, constant flight delays, and fees on top of fees. Ahh, the good old days.

The rise of air travel over the last two decades has brought with it an increasingly diverse travel population that airports see on any given day. In an article published on, writer Ashley Lez shares a round-up of bizarre airport moments that are both laughable and questionable. 

Here, we’re sharing six highlights from the piece that are the most comical displays of humans doing human things. Lord, please cover us in these interesting times.

Home Is Wherever The Hammock Is, I Guess

Flight delays are rarely fun for anyone, however, this passenger is clearly prepared. Sadly, gate waiting areas aren’t set up with comfort in mind, so this person made his own bed, literally. Using the airport’s structural pillars, the individual set up their hammock for a more relaxing wait. The ingenuity is worthy of a raised eyebrow; but sir (or ma’am), are you really just going to leave your shoes out there like that? Oh ok.

person sleeping in Hammock in airport
Photo Credit: Imgur

Torn Between The Two

First things first, shout out to all the parents who bravely travel with their little ones. Your courage doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Lez writes, “the airport is a good time to do some self-reflection, and we bet this mom is questioning why she even brought her children on vacation.”

Two words: Big Facts.

woman with two children on leashed backpacks at the airport
Photo Credit: Imgur

We Feel You, Babygirl

Traveling is exhausting. If only we could all twinkle our noses to return to our smaller form so mom and dad can cart us around the airport. Shout out to what we’ll assume is little mama’s dad for being a champion parent in this moment. 

Although, after thinking about it, letting her catch zzz’s is probably the lesser of two evils. If you’ve ever had to wake up a sleeping child, you know exactly what we mean.

female child sleeping on luggage as dad wheels her through the airport
Photo Credit: Imgur

When ‘Take Me With You’ Goes Too Far

For the frequent fliers, chances are you’ve received a request (or two) from someone in your circle asking to hop in your suitcase to join you on your trip. While we’re not exactly sure why this woman would actually pack a whole, adult human in her luggage, nor why he would stuff himself in there as if he wouldn’t get caught, people are gonna people.

Needless to say by the look on her face, things didn’t go according to plan.

woman transporting luggage of man inside
Photo Credit: Imgur

That’s One Way To Welcome Them Home

While we definitely don’t celebrate the dissolution of families or couples, some things are simply understandable. The laundry list of grievances would be too much to bear for even the most forgiving.

No word on which partner was on the receiving end of this less-than-warm greeting home although we have our assumptions. At least their significant other picked them up from the airport, right?

The moral of the story here is: Don’t get caught slippin’ on your business trip, or any trip for that matter.

welcome home babe sign freestanding in the airport
Photo Credit: Imgur

Sis Is Tired Tired

Chances are you’ve had a time, or five, where you wanted or needed to take a quick nap while waiting for your flight.

Our last highlight of the day is someone’s auntie who could care less what anyone has to say. There’s so much happening in one photo. It’s the feet out, her ability to actually recline in the chair, but more than anything it’s the envy that I’ve likely never felt this level of comfort in the airport – ever.

woman stretched out on chair in the airport
Photo Credit: Imgur

If you’re in need of a good laugh, check out the full list of 49 instances of peak shenanigan airport moments on

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