50 in 50: Best Candy Stores In Each State
Photo Credit: Photo via Canva

Photo Credit: Photo via Canva

50 in 50: Best Candy Stores In Each State

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Rachel George
Rachel George Nov 18, 2019

The holiday season is a good time to feast on heavy meals and indulge in unique sweets, treats, and candy. From old fashioned candy and homemade chocolate to 1 lb. gummy bears and rainbow fudge made with freshly sourced ingredients, you should never feel bad for satisfying your sweet tooth.

The best candy and chocolate shops around the world offer year-round sweetness in a cute storefront or online. Check out some of these amazing candy stores in each state. 


Alaska Wild Berry Products

Enjoy the 20-foot tall chocolate fountain and other homemade sweet treats at Alaska Wild Berry Products candy store in Anchorage.  Locals love the variety of fudge flavors and homemade truffles. Kids will go into a sugar coma with their chocolate dipped pretzel sticks or extra-large marshmallow pops dipped in two different flavors of chocolate. 


Yabba’s Wacky Snack Shack

Yabba’s goal was to create a unique candy store experience for the whole family. They offer a full food menu, milkshakes, 15 flavors of popcorn, and a variety of candy, including a huge selection of Jelly Belly products featuring the flavors Bean Boozled and Krispy Kreme.


Martin Greer’s Candies

All the candy at this family-run candy store in Ozark Mountains is handmade using family recipes that date back to the Civil War.  Martin’s is old-fashioned and traditional, which means everything is made using fresh ingredients like pure vanilla flavoring, sweet cream butter, pure fruit purees, and real chocolate. 


Dulceria La Bonita Wholesale 

Serving Arizona from three locations, Dulceria La Bonita Wholesale is open to the public and has all of your favorite childhood candy fixings; charms mini-pops, fruit bars, blue heat Takis, unicorn slime kits for kids, and a selection of over 500 kinds of candy, chips, and cookies from Mexico. Their Phoenix location also has a roomful of piñatas to choose from; Transformers, Hello Kitty, Baby Shark, and Disney Favorites. 


Jack’s Candy

From novelty candy to gum and gluten-free, Jack’s Candy store is the candy spot in Los Angeles. Their 42,500 square foot warehouse is full of American and Mexican treats and products by major brands like Hershey and Frito Lays. 


Hammond’s Candies

Hammond’s has been in business for nearly 100 years, selling multi-colored lollipops, caramel, chocolate, art candy, and more. The company launched six flavorful snack-size marshmallows at less than 100 calories in 2017. Search Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and hundreds of other local and regional shops around the world for goodies and treats from Hammond’s. 


Gumdrops & Lollipops Candy, Ice Cream & Diner

Indulge in nostalgic candy, homemade fudge, sea salt taffy, chocolate gumdrops, and large homemade cookies topped with your favorite fruit at this cute 1950’s-inspired diner candy store and ice cream parlor.

Washington, DC

Chocolate Chocolate

Tour DC with  Chocolate Chocolate and their amazing 3D Belgian Callebaut chocolate replicas of the most famous DC monuments like the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Dome, and the White House. This is the closest we’ll get to ever seeing the White House black. Here you can also get Runts, fruit sour balls, Swedish Fish, milk chocolate covered peanuts, malt balls, raisins, and gourmet jelly beans


Synder’s Candy

If you love nostalgic candies like PEZ dispensers, or you’re a gummy lover, such as myself, Synder’s in Rehoboth Beach is where you need to be. Relive your childhood memories with imported licorice, pop rocks and over 56 varieties of gummy candy, and carefully selected candies from their extensive toy area. 


To The Moon Marketplace

To The Moon Marketplace offers racks on racks on racks of 13,000 delicious treats, classic sodas, and rich chocolate from over 50 countries and other hard-to-find items. Their selection of toys and collectibles bring out the child in everyone. You can find robots, Snappy Gum, Rubik’s cubes and Lite Brite at To The Moon and throughout the year, To The Moon hosts candy tastings, samples, and other events. 


Lolli and Pops

Lolli Pops has 70 stores open and operating in over 30 states where guests can taste their bite-size chocolate, colorful French macaroons, and other high-quality treats. Enjoy customized desserts gift boxes, wine-flavored truffles, and their signature Strawberry Champagne Bark, comprised of sparkling champagne and sweet strawberries, infused with white chocolate.

Hawaii: Sugarfina

Check out Sugarfina’s Super Mario Bros. Collection which includes candy cubes and candy bento boxes modeled after the Nintendo console and controllers. This chic luxury candy boutique for adults has the finest candy and gifts from all over the world. Vodka gummy bears, vegan and gluten-free candy, champagne and rosé gummies and candy bento boxes.


Goody’s Soda Fountain & Candy Store

 For Halloween, Goody’s hosted a game night at their store and served unique creations of spooky treats, drinks and candied apples covered in rainbow sprinkles. The staff gets really involved during holidays too, decorating the store with hanging bats and pumpkins and a spiderweb.

Goody’s Soda Fountain & Candy Store Facebook



Experience Candyality, the sweetest destination in Chicago, voted “Best Candy Store in Illinois and carrying gummies, sour candy, taffy, and other sweet treats. Match your personality with candy using Candyality’s candy profiling technique. Competitive people would love sugary candy, and crunchy-candy lovers are negotiators.


Albanese Confectionery

This place is gummy candy heaven, churning out 72 million gummies a day in different shapes and flavors. You’ll know when you have the World’s Best Gummies by checking for the stamped “A” on the belly of each gummy bear. Albanese Confectionery has received numerous awards for their tasty gummies, including  Product of the Year in the non-chocolate category and a technology award for their healthy-focused gummies made with Omega 3 Fish Oil.



The melter at Lagomarcino’s holds 300 lbs of milk chocolate which is used to make their chocolate-dipped carrots, hot fudge sundaes, and other chocolate treats found on their candy shelves. On Easter, this generational family-run candy store makes their signature four-pound egg, requested by customers as far as Florida and beyond. 


Nifty’s Nut House 

Nifty’s Nut House has been a Kansas staple since 1937, offering taffy, nuts, mints, M&M’s, and yogurt covered snacks along with their best selling candies like purple gumballs and green chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. 

Nifty’s Nut House | Facebook


Muth’s Candies

Kentucky is known for its bourbon and Muth’s adds the liquor to their sweet chocolate Bourbon candy, Kentucky Bourbon Ball. You’ll also find assorted Salt Water Taffy, Licorice, and caramel dipped marshmallows, called Modjeskas, which originated in Louisville. Muth’s was recently voted Best Chocolate/Candy Shop.


Candyland Cottage & Ice Cream Shoppe

Have fun in Candyland, the candy store not the board game. Instead of game pieces, move around the store for hard-to-find novelty candy as well as the world’s largest gummy bears. Can’t make it to the store? Candyland Cottage & Ice Cream Shoppe will deliver candy, ice cream and anything else from their food menu right to you. 


Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe

Be a kid again at Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe in Hallowell. This small whimsical candy boutique offers custom-designed candy bouquets and buffets, tasty frog-shaped truffles, heels with chocolate balls and custom-detailed eggs.


Peeps & Company

Stop by Peeps & Company candy store near the National Harbor and check out their holiday specials for chocolate-dipped Marshmallow Chicks and $5 gift baskets that make for a great gift. The store has a grand selection of Mike and Ike flavors. Hot Tamales, and other sugary treats. Try not to take a bite of the Peep-mobile out front, you can’t miss it.    


Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie

Peachie-O’s, gummy worms with cookie crumbs, Fireballs, and assorted jelly beans, this candy store in Salem has everything. And it should, considering it’s one of the oldest candy companies in America.


Doc Sweets’ Candy Company

Michigan’s largest retail candy store has a vast selection of old and new candy like Pocky biscuit sticks, chocolate malt balls, black licorice, animal-shaped gummies, and chocolate-coated insects. Check out The Candy Machine out front, not to be confused with the Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine. 

Doc’s Facebook


Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

This seasonal candy business is open from mid-May through November with a focus on apples, baked goods, jigsaw puzzles, fall produce and over 3,000 kinds of candy. The store is actually settled on a family farm, boasting large attractions like giant soda bottles and a popcorn bar. Be on the lookout for their next Cotton Candy Taste Test or candy event. 


Sugar Factory

Grab a candy cocktail at the newest attraction inside Biloxi’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Sugar Factory. This 5,500-square-foot candy store is the 28th Sugar Factory worldwide, selling more than 500 different types of candy. The store also features a full-service cafe and bar,  serving Instagrammable candy drinks like and their signature, 64 oz. alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets like the Watermelon Patch made with Pitbull’s Voli 305 Vodka and sour watermelon gummies, and the Lollipop Passion made with melon, coconut and pineapple, topped with lollipops and candy necklaces.


Sweet Art Candy

This black-owned candy company creates “art you can eat,”  full of unique, custom designs, 3D sculptures, decorations. Sweet Art Candy makes Starburst heart cakes, golf clubs made of Snickers bars, helmets wrapped in Skittles, wedding dresses made of Lifesaver’s Mints and Hershey’s Chocolate Eggs and flower bouquets of Reese’s Cups that you can pull apart and eat. I’d recommend the Chocolate Liqueur Bouquet, but this seasonal item is constantly sold out.


Candy Town USA

Satisfy your sweet cravings at this old-fashioned candy and soda shop for nostalgic memorabilia and gift baskets of gourmet candies, handcrafted fudge, lollipop bouquets. People love to watch the candy makers whipping up Parrot candy with pecans and chocolate in the kitchen.


Licorice International

Did you know licorice comes in more than just black and red? Sweet, Gluten-free, even kosher. Licorice International has quite the inventory with about 160 different kinds from all over the world, including sugar-coated gummies from Canada and mango licorice from New Zealand. 



IT’SUGAR is one of the largest and fastest-growing candy retailers, boasting 100 locations across the US, including four in Las Vegas. Indulge in sweet smells and tastes at this candy-filled playground. Grab a curated candy gift box set, giant Ring Pops, 1 lb. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and giant boxes of your favorite candy. 

New Hampshire


Grab a bag and fill it with sour candy, gummies, gourmet jelly beans, and chocolate at the world’s longest candy counter at this Littleton shop.  112-feet of glass jars filled with candy corn, gummy bears, Blow Pops, Tootsie Rolls, and 500 other candy types.    

New Jersey


Ever tried chocolate-covered bacon or blue raspberry cotton candy? Well, this sweet candy shop in Randolph has both, along with Pucker Powder dispensers, fruit slices, a variety of M&M colors and other retro candy and toys. 

New Mexico: Shugarman’s Little Chocolate Shop

Experience world-class chocolate made from cacao and black lava salt at the little chocolate shop in Madrid. Shugarman’s is bursting with organic ingredients and unique hand-crafted flavors like lemongrass bark and freeze-dried raspberry chocolate, by owner Harvey Shugarman. Customers love being able to find the flavor that they love through their samples. 

New York: Fferins of Brooklyn

TIMEOUT magazine recently named this old fashioned candy store as the best in NYC for the whole family. Fferins of Brooklyn carries candy necklaces, Cadbury Chocolates from Great Britain, ice cream from Blue Marble, and Raaka chocolate from Red Hook. Also available on Postmates and Seamless. 

North Carolina

The Candy Factory 

The Candy Factory is the no. 1 candy shop in North Carolina. The place screams childhood memories with country antique decorations and nostalgic sweets like peppermint puffs, wax lips, root beer barrels and more.

North Dakota

Widman’s Candy Shop

If you’re ever in downtown Grand Forks, stop by Widman’s for handmade candy and chocolates. Yelp users swear it by their delicious chocolate-covered potato chips, Chipper.


Sweetie’s Candy

At any given time, Sweetie’s has three million dollars worth of inventory of nostalgic candy, chocolate, Pop Rocks, Jelly Belly jelly beans and Hershey Bars straight from the Hershey’s Factory in Pennsylvania. 


Pinkitzel Cupcakes and Candy

Kitzel is a Yiddish word for “tickle,” and the owners wanted customers to be tickled with pink while shopping at Pinkitzel. Guarded by two pink armored soldiers, this charming store offers a unique candy experience with a fully stocked candy bar, party rooms and tables of sweet treats like candy-decorated cupcakes from the cafe. 


Bruce’s Candy Kitchen

Eat award-winning saltwater taffy near the beach at Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. Even though it feels like winter already, try some of their fall goodies, homemade spice caramels, foil-wrapped dark chocolate turkeys, and sour gummy pumpkins. 

Pennsylvania: Hershey’s Chocolate World 

Plan a visit to the only place in the world where you can get chocolate wasted. Chocolate candy, chocolate treats, chocolate rides, chocolate movies with 4D animation. You can even create your own chocolate bar and design the wrapper. Individual experiences can be expensive, but there are bundle deals.

Rhode Island

Glee Gum

Glee Gum is an award-winning flavorful chewing gum made with raw materials and natural resources like chicle, tree sap harvested sustainably to preserves the rainforest of Central America. Kids would enjoy learning to make their own gum with their educational kits. This woman-owned candy company is dedicated to helping the environment using recyclable packaging and it’s also sugar-free, too.

South Carolina

I Love Sugar

Just looking at the decor, you can’t help but to have a sugar rush. Gummy bear chandeliers, 55-foot candy wall and giant tubes of Laffy Taffy’s, Smarties, Nerds, Airheads and other candy. This place looks like a colorful candy heaven. 

South Dakota


The iconic Candyland almost replicas the Candyland game with its whimsical interior and playful ambiance, boasting old-fashioned taffy, chocolate covered fruits, full-size coffee bar and a variety of vintage sodas to taste. 


Goo Goo Cluster

The only way to experience chocolate is hands-on during Goo Goo’s chocolate class in Nashville. You’ll learn a secret recipe, taste some samples from the dessert bar and receive 15% off any purchase that day in the store. 


Yummi Joy 

Find rainbow fudge, Whirly Pop lollipops, and collectibles like limited-edition Stranger Things Pez dispensers at Yummi Joy in Downtown Austin. Their downtown shop was listed on the Vegan Tour of Austin this year, featuring vegan and gluten-free options. 


Springdale Candy Company

Catch a breathtaking view of Zion Canyon while shopping at Springdale Candy Company. This downtown storefront serves chocolate-dipped bananas, turtles, peanut brittle, and hand-turned fudge. 


Middlebury Sweets Candy Shop and Motel 

More than just a candy store, Middlebury Sweets is a candy motel featuring over 1500 sweet treats, pictures of gummy candy and Sour Patch pillows.  

Virginia: Sugar Kingdom

Here lies 2,500 different kinds of candy for every taste, craving, and age at the Sugar Kingdom. It’s a place for the whole family, offering arcade games and indoor ice skating. They serve everything from cotton candy and taffy to gourmet chocolate and popcorn.


Sweet Mickey’s

For licorice coins, Lego shaped candy blocks, pina colada jelly beans, Double Bubble blue raspberry Snowballs, and Cola flavored gummies, stop Sweet Mickey’s new location at 5338 Ballard Ave. 

West Virginia

Weirton Book Company 

This eccentric spot is a great place for European and American candies, old fashioned ice cream, frozen snow cones, and great books. Evenings are for scheduled book readings for kids.


The Candy Shoppe

Serving Wisconsin from three locations, Goody Gum Drop is the largest candy store in the state. Their store provides 100 types of candy including jawbreakers, soda jelly beans, smiley face gumballs, caramel corn saltwater taffy, homemade fudge, truffles, nut clusters, sugar-free candies, and more. 


Donell’s Candies

This family-owned candy shop was recently named the top chocolate shop in Wyoming. Donell’s Candies uses Fair Trade Certified Guittard chocolate, sourced sustainably from around the world to make their homemade sweets.

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